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Good day!

Winter is coming, so now is the time to consider care in the cold period of time. Don’t know about you, but I have and it differs substantially. Tell us about your experience with the new my Origins Ginzing creams.

1 talk First about moisturizer Ultra-Hydrating, Energy-Boosting Cream

He got my number and went out, so to speak, to the top. The plastic jar of orange color, protective membrane, a volume of 30 ml and the most amazing smell of all that can be ❤

The contents is white, quite thick and dense.

Absorbed very quickly, greasy does not leave. Can be used morning and evening. Removes dryness, tightness. The skin is very soft to the touch afterwards.

Why I call it a winter cream? Just because I have a combination skin, prone to fat and in the summer I don’t use tools with intense moisture, they are too heavy for my skin. But for the cold time of the year is ideal.

Does not cause irritation. Goes well with other tools. It is possible to apply a toner (will not roll down or give a greasy Shine). The consumption is small, well distributed over the face. But this smell is something 😍

Rating: 5

Price: 1700 roubles

Period of use: 3 weeks

2.The eye cream Refreshing Eye Cream to Brighten and depuff on-the-go

Here everything is not so impressive. Unfortunately, he came up.

A volume of 10 ml convenient tube with a dispenser and applicator for applying.

The content of medium-density, fairly light, pale pink color, with no noticeable smell. Spreads easily over skin and absorbs quickly.

And that’s it, unfortunately. No miraculous effect I felt. The cream is light. But not moisture nor lift, nor even reduce bruising and swelling I didn’t notice myself. Reflective particles I also did not notice. Negative effect either. No. Individually or whether it is so at all? But the fact remains. The only significant advantage is that it can act as a good base under concealer. The concealer fits well on it, not slipping and will not settle into fine wrinkles.

Rating: 0

Price: 1600 RUB

Period of use: 3 weeks

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