A new collection of brushes for makeup AnnBeauty Magic Brush Collection Holiday 2018

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Have AnnBeauty released a new and very beautiful limited collection of brushes Magic Brush Collection. The collection includes 5 brushes, each of which is of a multifunctional nature, as well as the collection of all five brushes, which allows to make a complete and professional makeover. Now, all brushes have a collection of very beautiful pens deep dark emerald color, symbolizing wisdom and beauty, interspersed with shimmering particles. All brushes collection made from pile goats class A+.

The collection AnnBeauty Magic Brush Collection Holiday 2018 includes such brushes:

Brush AnnBeauty Magic M1 (limited edition, the price is 6100 rubles) — a tightly Packed, has a beveled shape, soft and elastic bristles, is designed to work with a creamy and dry textures. Ideal for applying and blending colors, blush, and sculptor;

Brush AnnBeauty Magic M3 (limited edition, price — 3100 rubles) is very soft and airy, has a smooth, clear cut. Thanks to a special gasket and assemble an excellent job of applying concealer, highlighter, blush, a detailed study of the tones and dusting (under eyes and T-zone);

Brush AnnBeauty M9 Magic (limited edition, price — 2400 rubles) — has a unique shape and Assembly, so it can be used to perform a full eye makeup. Has an angular, tapered shape, so one side can be applied the products, and the other immediately to shade, also convenient for operation on the lower eyelid, to draw the folds and deepen the color;

Brush AnnBeauty Magic M10 (limited edition, price — 2200 rubles) — a flat shape with a soft and elastic pile, ideal for detailed study mirosnikova space, blending and applying eye shadow or pencil along the ciliated edge and a lower eyelid. Also, this brush can be used to correct a clear outline of the lips or hands;

Brush AnnBeauty M11 Magic (limited edition, price — 2,200 rubles) — has a flat shape and a soft but firm pile. The brush is perfect for working along the ciliary edge, rendering and shading of the arrow, as well as for performing lip makeup;

Brush set AnnBeauty Magic Set (limited edition, price — 16000 rubles, at the moment discount — 14900 rubles), which includes all brushes collections: M1, M3, M9, M10 and M11.

New collection brushes AnnBeauty Magic Brush Collection Holiday 2018 is already available on the official website of the brand (annbeautystore.ru).

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