A set of illuminating powders for the face, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

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Today I want to talk to you about one of the most sensational palettes for the face.

A set of powders from Hourglass I wanted a very long time. Coveted was looking through the reviews and dreamed that someday this beauty I have. In this place it is necessary to raise glasses for sbychu dream, because as soon as the opportunity came this set to order, I happily took advantage of.

Packed palette, as expected, in a stylish cardboard box with all the necessary information.

The case is made of plastic, not very heavy, but the build is high quality, nothing to complain about.

The lid opens about 110 degrees, in all of its area is a mirror. There is a small annotation to a palette (not photographed black-and-white book), but the tools for drawing are not provided.

The total weight of the powders in the kit is 9.9 grams (3.3 grams per each compartment). Made in Italy. Shelf life with an open lid – 12 months. The kit price $ 62.

Powder provided in the kit, can also be bought separately.

Let’s start the review with the leftmost powder – Dim Light.

Grinding the powder is tiny, it can not see individual particles or inclusions. Well pressed, if you set the brush practically does not form dust.

In the packaging of the powder looks light beige, but the skin tone is not tolerated, there is only a small overflow, satin.

I have to say, this powder has become my favorite from the set. I apply it with a fluffy brush all over the face, fix it Foundation and concealer. On the skin it is absolutely not visible, it does not sink into pores, does not clump over time, does not issue. The face looks very natural, there is no effect of naturenote. Powder gives a very delicate highlighting, slightly smooths the pores. The impression that the skin is beautiful in itself. Of course, matting properties, it is weak, so I have to update it on the T-zone every 4 hours (I have a combination skin, prone to fat).

The effect of this powder is very similar to the action of a compact Guerlain meteorites. But if to choose between the two, I would take the meteorites, as their matting properties is better.

The following powder – Incandescent Light.

This powder I use as a highlighter as it has the shining texture. Grinding the powder fine, but compressed it is not as good as Dim Light, so if you set even the softest brush can dusting.

Fingertips and switche think that the texture of the powder is homogeneous, but, unfortunately, it is not.

Some individual glittering particles, which on the face is seen, and how! I have textured skin, so I unpleasantly surprised. Powder emphasizes all the flaws. Apply it generously, so delicate glow will not name. In many reviews I heard that this highlighter would suit age the skin, but I strongly disagree. Only if the winner does not want all their wrinkles to emphasize and flaunt. Who is this good, this young smooth skin without any flaws.

From the pros – phenomenal resistance. I have never met hilitary that no updates will last on my skin more than 7-8 hours. This lasts 12-13 hours quietly.

The following powder – Radiant Light.

According to its characteristics it is identical to the Dim Light, with the only difference in the shade.

In refile powder is bronzovaja-Golden shade, but in makeup it is absolutely not visible.

I assumed that this powder will serve me as a bronzer, but on my face I absolutely can’t see it. At the site of application skin tone becomes a bit warmer, but it’s such a subtle difference that to ignore it is impossible.

The texture of the powder is visible Golden shimmer, but, fortunately, he does not appear and does not emphasize the texture of the skin. Dusty powder is minimal.

General Swatch.

Will show on the face, but immediately warn that the effect of the Hourglass powders as elusive to the camera, and the effect of the Guerlain meteorites. We have to take our word😊.

On the face tone and concealer

I saw a mix all powders among themselves and applied on the entire face. I don’t do that because sequin from Incandescent Light to me and on the cheeks enough. Don’t want to look like you sneezed in a bowl of shimmer. Therefore, Incandescent Light paint on the cheekbones and in the inner corner of the eye, a Radiant Light on the area of application of bronzer (cheekbones, sides of forehead, nose and chin), and powder Dim Light will pass across the face.

Caused powder set

Well, in a General way.

Artificial light,Direct light from window

Summary. To advise the mosaic only those who likes expensive toys that are on everyone’s lips. Of course, the plus sets that you can evaluate several products and choose the best. But, on the other hand, will now have to live with what came. I would be the second time the palette is not bought, but took separate powder Dim Light. The effect I like, though, again, this is not the coolest illuminating powder, which I know.

With a difficult rating, well, let it be the puny 4.

Thank you for your attention!


Use illuminating powders? Tell us what you love and what is not?

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