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Two stylish accessory: hair brush in a recognizable format and multi-functional brush for face and body.

Arrived in beautiful stylish boxes

Double dare I. M. Buddy Innovative Multi-Functional Buddy #05 black – brush massage silicone

Silicone multi-functional brush for cleansing and massaging the skin.

Brush of 100% food grade silicone, which is easy to clean, does not absorb water, foams, gels and other AIDS.

Flexible. Two-sided. One side is a long thin bristles, the length of which gently changes from short — 15 mm long — 25 mm. the Second elastic short with tapered ends.

Lightweight and compact format. Convenient to take with you in carry-on(already put the assembled travel bag)).

Double-sided brush is suitable for:

  • to cleanse the body. Long bristles gently massage and massage into a rich lather shower gel. To use in the shower instead of a washcloth with gel, oil, milk.
  • purification/cleansing of the skin. I apply the foam/gel on the side with long and fine bristles and massaging in circular motions cleanse the skin. Cleansing + improves micro-circulation = healthier complexion. The pores developed in better times. Bonus (in the morning) reduce swelling. That’s just a side with long bristles I are unable to fully appreciate: short for the person I want to work.
  • cleansing of the scalp. I did not come. There was a feeling that the hair at the roots stretch out and injured.
  • the body massage. The Internet is full of massage patterns with brushes. The easiest (almost intuitive) is lymphatic drainage. From the feet to the thighs, gradually circular and the guide from bottom to top movements. A feeling of lightness and absolutely smooth polished skin after a ten-minute self-massage.
  • cellulite massage – there is need to put in the effort; brushed easily to work the legs, stomach, back, thighs. I do massage with a fatty cream or oil. In this case, get the effect of exfoliation. On the tumbler you can see the dead skin cells.
  • massage

Silicone brush does not injure the skin. Easy to wash off. Dries quickly. Lightweight, compact and multifunctional.

Period of use: 2.5 weeks/1-2 times a day

Rating: 5/5

Price: 1590 RUB

Cactus Barbora is The Ultimate Detangling Hairbrush Tourmaline #Pink – hair brush

Holographic packaging — beauty is in the details

This is the upgraded version of the compact Tangle Teezer.

Cactus Barbora — compact polishing tourmaline brush cover on the magnet.

The main difference is the presence of bristles on three levels (the children’s version of Tangle and compact them there were two).

Children’s version with container pins and the CD-version of thekids Tangle TeezerTangle Teezer compact

Due to the format with three levels of bristles the hair even easier to comb and unravel, without unnecessary tension at the roots.

Cactus Barbora bottleneck — a perfect grip for the baby.

The capture is slightly different, here it fits the small hands of a child.

Very easily unravels fine long baby hair:

After the appearance we have a Tangle Teezer 3.5 years ago, normal cheeks and combs we don’t use (except for rare hot stacking, where the use of plastic brushes in this format just not safe).

In the manufacturer’s promises comes and antistatic effect. Only a few hairs after brushing, can magnets. The bulk of the fabric lies smooth.

Polishes do Cactus hair? I definitely hard to say: my daughter and I have a smooth moderately shiny hair by nature.

Bright pink and black design is pleasing to kids (and some adults) girls.

Closes tightly on the magnet.

Tangle Teezer has served us 3.5 years, his bristles began to irrevocably die, to use, but the aesthetics are lost, although externally on the body just a few scratches. Change it to a bright Cactus.

Period of use: 2.5 weeks a few times a day

Rating: 5/5

Price: 1390 roubles

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