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In Moscow there is a new Italian niche brand with a unique concept, turned to the ancient civilizations.

In the collection of five fragrances dedicated to the ancient civilizations, which left many mysteries. Each flavor trying to get into the spirit and convey the mood of the time and place.

Egypt, Roman Empire, India, Maya…

Composition concise and assembled from components that were in Vogue in those days.

Interpretation is sometimes unexpected. For example, the scent of Pompeii is woven not out of the ashes and tragedy, on the contrary, it conveys bright colors of the Mediterranean, it sounds juicy and Sunny citrus.

Also Ankh Sun Amun, dedicated to Egypt, tells the story of a daughter of Nefertiti, wife of Tutankhamun, strong and resistant women. Starts Lily and saffron lasts honey and skin calms down and the amber and vanilla. Bright and powerful chord.

The bottles as if carved out of lava, cover top inlaid with a red stone. And one day someone will get lucky and the box with the scent he will find a certificate for this ruby of 1.5-1.7 carats, and representatives of the Anima Mundi come for personal service ruby lucky

My impressions.

All the flavors of a bright, active, three-dimensional, Daisy-chain, but not heavy and not suffocating. All wearable.

A unisex.

Absolutely everything on the skin was revealed tastier and richer than on the blotter. And even as if caught in the skin, sounded longer and revealed more smoothly.

All the flavors are very different and very beautiful base. Given the fact that the resistance of fragrances on different skin and different conditions are always fluctuating, I especially pay attention to what remains on the finish sound. Everything is fine.

A bottle of 75 ml costs about 13,000 rubles

Isvara (Ishvara)

India in the collection Anima Mundi 🐘

Isvara is a capacious concept, which means at the same time talking to God, the Supreme cosmic mind and finding myself. And all this — the quintessence of Indian philosophy.

What do we know about the scents of India? Come to mind incense and spices. It is from them woven a fragrance that conveys the atmosphere of the ancient civilization.

Top notes: nutmeg and saffron.

Middle notes: cashmere wood.

Base notes: cypress.

Wood specialy unisex echo of pine needles.

The beginning of the dry, smoky, a bit sudden for our sense of smell. But the smoke cloud dissipates quickly, the aroma is warming and moves to woody topic, it sounds more soft and tangible, plays notes of saffron and velvet wood. The smoke remains only a easy topic of meats. And depth and dimension added bitter pine notes cypress.

Aroma dense, but not suffocating, Daisy. Ideal for smokers, by the way.

Mood sets the philosophical-meditative. And if you go back to the title, I would say that the authors were able to realize the idea.


The Roman Empire in the collection of the Anima Mundi

Pompeii. For you this city? We remember the tragedy when mighty mount Vesuvius covered the city and the people with ashes and buried a beautiful fairy tale.

There was a tale that was! Living city, the traders touted citizens, the trees sing oranges, the wind from the sea brought salt moisture and life shimmered and sparkled with colors…

Aroma Pompeii on the story. About how he lived in the city until August 24, 79.

Top notes: bergamot, lemon, rosemary.

Middle notes: geranium, cedar, coriander.

Base notes: sandalwood, sage.

At the start of the citrus craze. Roll call of bergamot and lemon will Wake anyone! And it is very Italian notes, to everyone who knows and loves Italian perfumes, are familiar with these flashy citrus, invigorating, aromatic, Sunny.

Gradually, the juiciness and sweetness of the lemon leaves, and the flavor becomes resinous-bitter, a bit spicy, with green bitterness, but still remains Sunny.

It is the party of geranium, cedar and coriander.

The middle of the long, base almost not to get. But fades the aroma of soft sandalwood, like a quiet sunset over the sleeping city.

Again, the aroma is very Italian sounding, will seduce all lovers of Italian perfumery. I refer to these.

Unisex, bright, crisp, juicy, Sunny, out of season and age. Trail average, durability is good.

If you think about the bottle, then Pompeii, I would. And probably even honey-thick leather Sun Amun Ankh (Ankh sun Amun). The other day I went to the store, sprinkled on hand — well, lovely strong fragrance to set the mood of strength. And the truth about a strong woman.

Girls, what do you think about Italian perfumes?

Thank you for your attention to my review!

I’m Vera 🙂

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