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Noreva Intense soothing serum for face Sensation 30 ml (Noreva, Sensidiane)

I want to share my winter godsend for sensitive and/or prone to dry skin. It Noreva serum Intensive Serum Intolerant Skin from the Sensidiane Intensive soothing face serum Sensation 30 ml (Noreva, Sensidiane)

The very least I could not pay attention to it because my skin is, in General, not very sensitive but prone to dryness. This serum gave me a friend.

I used it since the beginning of winter, and 2 weeks spent in Asia where she was actually the only product that I used.

The serum is Packed in glass bottle 30 ml with dispenser. The texture it thick enough, I’d say she’s more like a lotion than a watery serum classic.

And due to this texture, it moisturizes very well and, as I thought, even nourishes the skin. In Moscow I use it under a cream, and skin all winter feels very well — usually I have wrinkles from dryness in the nasolabial folds, but this winter they are not.

In Asia, where a very strong humidity, the serum also worked well — I used it after the sea and after swimming, and after the sun, but her face nothing more was applied, the moisture was quite enough, and the redness went fairly quickly.

That is, it is good for winter and summer, which for me is a big plus. Due to such a huge variety of cosmetics to choose a working tool becomes quite difficult, and it is always good to have a basic list of work horses)

Of the minuses can be noted only the consumption of whey — I have enough for about 1.5-2 months of daily use 2 times a day.

But overall can highly recommend it as a basic moisturizing & soothing serum for those with dry skin. I think it is perfect for young girls of 20-25 years, but for older girls it can be a great addition to care.

I am very glad that got acquainted with this product and now plan to buy a second bottle.

Cost about 2000P.

Rating — 5.

Term of use — 2 months.

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