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This is not the first experiment with the Belarusian cosmetics, which attracts many girls for its ratio of “price-quality”. A year ago, I accidentally managed to become the owner of one of the most praised products of this brand, namely SS-cream in the white tube, which I thought was very funny (about 140 a long way), and the quality is impeccable (weightless coverage, excellent durability, with no problems adjusts to skin tone). This time I was very attracted to the lip products, which as we know does not happen much. All the impressions of newcomers will leave under the cut.

Lip gloss Luxvisage Pin-Up Ultra matt shades №27 and №4.

Top to bottom: 27, 4.

The vial of thick glossy plastic with a black matte, securely screw cap. For the segment, looks dignified and simple. The inscriptions are full of very high quality, but the bottle will eventually collect all the scratches and scuffs. On the lid is a label with the following information: product name, number, color, quantity (5 grams), batch number, shelf life, composition and country of origin.

The applicator is quite large, long, springy, fluffy, with a rounded end, it is udobne in order to define a smooth contour. The limiter is very good, gives the product sparingly, for full color you need to dip the applicator into the vial 3-4 times. The lipstick is intensely going on the neck, but in principle it can be carefully removed with a damp cloth.

No. 27.No. 4.

Perfume each shade individually: No. 27, eatable, sugary, candy, after the application is not felt, at the same time as No. 4 goes to sweet floral notes, sharp and after applying I can feel it another 20-30 minutes.

I tried to choose the most wearable colors that are appropriate at any time and the event:

No. 27 — dark-peach Nude with rotovisco on the lips looks much brighter than in the bottle. Perfect for every day, pigmented, looks great from the first layer, not thin and not slipping.

No. 4 overripe raspberry, cold and noble shade, webalive teeth. Capricious in application, but the result is worth it. Less pigmented, mercilessly thin with the first coat, but after applying the second case is much better. Perfect for girls with light skin and brunettes.

The first Swatch — No. 27, the second — № 4.Closer)

Lip gloss is a very loud name for this product. Texture — liquid, cream, perfectly superimposed, when worn might be a little crack on the junction, but the situation is easily fixable if you just close your lips. Finish is semi-matte, mobile. Peeling and disadvantages of stress. Tea, coffee, a light snack will survive, but something more serious will completely remove the lipstick from the center of the lips, leaving a perfect contour. If not, you can safely wear it for 6-7 hours without worrying about the appearance. Comfortable to wear, absolutely does not feel, does not dry and tightens the lips. Easily removed with ordinary dry cloth or any product for removing makeup.

No. 27.No. 4.

Lipsticks I’m not disappointed for me, each of them good in their own way. But overall this is the most comfortable texture, beautiful shades in this line of a sea, sleek design.

PS: well and the price is ridiculous)

Term of use: about 2 weeks;

Price: about 140₽ for 1 piece;

Rating: 5.

Lip butter Luxvisage Lip Oil Beauty Tone 2 “Fruit elixir”.

A small bottle of transparent high quality plastic with glossy silver cover. The inscription on the bottle is intact, but most likely will eventually overwritten. Closes securely. Limiter — 100% excellence, gives the oil carefully and sparingly, without dirtying the neck. The applicator is long, soft, fluffy, nice glides on the lips. On the cover all the same sticker with the name, shade number, batch number, expiration date, quantity of product (5,5 gr), country of manufacturer and composition (main ingredients: almond oil, sea buckthorn oil, vitamin E).

The scent is pleasant, reminiscent of sweet berry jam, after the application is not felt. The texture is liquid, gel, fixed and holds good outline.

Shade, despite the color in the bottle transparent. The product because of its texture and purpose is absolutely unstable. The glossy finish of the first 30-40 minutes, the oil gradually absorbed, leaving lips smooth and hydrated.

Well here’s something to add? Absolutely no regrets about the purchase and think this product is appropriate for the current cold weather and heating season. Really nurtures, nourishes, smoothes the surface of lips, non-sticky and very comfortable. Definitely recommend to fans of products of this segment.

Term of use: about 2 weeks;

Price: about 60 a long way (!);

Rating: 5.

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