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One day I urgently needed to moisturize hands here and now. I was then in a typical shopping center, of which scattered over our vast country Nemer. I went into the first on my way to the store with utensils for hair stylists and, not choosing, I bought the first got a small tube of hand cream. So took my acquaintance with creams for hands brand MILV.

I must say that informed about this brand I haven’t heard a thing. Manicure for several years trust the professionals who work in other cosmetics. At the time of purchase I did not attach any importance to the mysterious letters that make up the brand name. M – i– l – v. Interesting, that it meant? Just when I was impressed with the results from the hand care with cream Milv, I surfed the Internet and found out that is a brand that produces not only hand cream but also the varnishes, gel varnishes, care for cuticles, etc., etc., which is much more known and understood to be ecomaniacs (Hello!πŸ˜‰ )

I have to say – I did not expect miraculous effects from simple hand cream in plain packaging. After some time, after daily use I noticed that its former smoothness and freshness of my skin on hands has returned. I was so happy to received the effect that he found the online store of this brand and ordered a lot of these creams in different flavours (in the offline store, the selection was poor). And variety, and for the future!

I tested all the cream, and I can say that they all have the same action and identical composition. The only difference is the fragrance.


All of the cream placed in small plastic tubes with a volume of 30 ml. Very convenient to carry in my purse. One such mini-tube I lasts about 2 weeks of daily and frequent use. By the way, interesting fact β€” the cream that I bought offline, and had no protective membrane, and those that came to me from an online store, had an additional layer of foil under a small black cap.

Every tube has a certain color or pattern depending on the kind of perfumes it added. It all looks good, but I’m big doesn’t mean much – still all the time is in the bag.

The texture of all the creams is also exactly the same – lightweight, not thick, not greasy, but not liquid. The texture of this cream, not lotion, not lotion, and not emulsion. It is very easy on the hands, and most importantly, absorbed almost instantly, leaving no greasy residue and unpleasant film. Literally a minute later you can pick up a phone or printed out a term paper, or book, and there will be no greasy fingerprints.

Distributed easily, without white residue (as is the case with butter for the body, for example)All soaked!

Milv cream perfectly moisturizes the skin. I really don’t know how it works, but the effect of godovogo effect of the cream isn’t lost if I, for example, a long (half day) time is not applied the cream in his hands. The skin is not dry or coarse. Why am I doing this accent? Because at some point noticed how the skin on my hands begin to look different – not as fresh and elastic. Whether to blame the weather conditions in Siberia, or age, but I was going to go to extremes and pierce hyaluronic in the skin to return the brush a sleek look. Fortunately, I’m more in the measures do not need, because now I have this beauty life hack. Not to be unfounded, shows the difference before and after use. See? Photo taken from my post

TO. Pay attention to the condition of the skin on the thumb and on the back of the hand. AFTER

The scent of all the creams is quite intense and lasts on the hands for a long time. Because this is a perfumed hand cream. The title says – some of these creams really can change the perfume every day, because these strong flavors do not go unnoticed by people. I tell you why.

Caring action from all creams are the same, and the effect does not depend on the flavor. Depending on how much I liked the flavor of a cream, during use I’ve identified some favorites, a few mediums, and a few outsiders. In this post I want to give you my Association that I have when using these creams, and at the same time to tell which of these creams are my favorite and which I will not recommend to anyone. Go!

My favorites


This cream really reminds me of mango. Juicy, sweet, sparkling, joyful orange-yellow mango. My acquaintance with the brand Milv started with this cream, it I then bought at the Mall. And when I bought it the first time (and now I’m on my second tube of Mango), just run struck him and put her hands to her nose, I felt not the aroma of exotic fruit, and something like bubble gum or tutti-Frutti, well, or some kind of some kind of fruit mix which, okay, there’s the subtle hint of mango. The first version differs from the version of the second. Not to say that it’s bad, because the first time, and second, I got a cream with a pleasant aroma.

Rating: 5. Here and below in the description of the other creams I put the rating solely for the scent. The effect of all creams fine β€” on 5+.


Association when you use this cream: something delicate, elegant, graceful. Can’t sort out individual notes. This fragrance reminds me of lace, satin ribbons, velvet shoes on a small heel, the cinema of the last century and the armful of lilies of the valley. Speaking name. This cream can easily replace a perfume for every day.

Rating: 5.


With this cream there was a funny incident. I sat on the back seat of a taxi and got this cream to moisturize hands. Sit and listen to the flavor of that in his post as to more accurately describe what it looks like, that resembles. The Windows were closed. After a few seconds the taxi driver responded: “Girl, sorry that You have cookies with you, or perfume? I just now strongly felt that the biscuits smell. Maybe it’s in the street?”. I did not admit that it’s just a hand cream. See how strong and noticeable fragrances in these creams that there is such a positive (if a good flavor) feedback from people within a meter from you? This may be is not appropriate in every situation, so I consider it my duty to warn you about this, dear readers. That reminds me of the “Cookie”? Not only freshly baked cookies; this ice cream creme brulee, custard cream, vanilla and waffle cone.

Rating: 5+.


A real flower garden. Rose, Lily, Tulip, lilac, and a whole bunch of Fig-understand-what-colors. Grassy notes are present. I have associations with the delicate aroma that appears when you take a red velvet rose petal and RUB it between your fingers. The aroma is bright, tart, sweet, full-bodied, causing headache if overused. Ambiguous β€” not like yesterday, yesterday like today again did not like.

Rating: 5-


Delicious, delicate, sweet peach jam. All.

Rating: 5.


No, it’s not freshly brewed latte. This is a coffee chewing candy with whole coffee beans inside. This coffee beans in the jar in a perfume shop that have managed to lose the brightness of flavor. Tart, slightly sweet, but not cloying, with no butter notes. A bit weak.

Rating: 5.


This mashed sweet ripe banana. The baby food in a jar that says “Banana”. This banana nectar! Nepritorny and very soft flavor. Similar to many other banana beauty perfume, but I still like it.

Rating: 5



It’s a little himonya watermelon. Reminds me of a cocktail: watermelon, mint, lots of ice, water. This is a very fresh scent, not overly sweet, not too loud. Pleasant, but not wow. By the way, he’s also the head can get sick.

Rating: 3.


A nice aroma. Gentle, sweet, reminiscent of plain toilet water with a simple pyramid. It seems to me that this flavor before had all that was called “CREAM” (no matter what it is for. Just cream). A little soap of some kind. You can smell the cleanliness. And for some reason can’t relate it to the favorites. Maybe because for me it is simple.

Rating: good this 4.


Aroma is floral, bright, Cologne, fresh, sharp, but pleasant. Iris, who had just plucked from the flower bed, so no smell. It’s a little overdone flavor.

Rating: deserves a 5, but not the favorite.



Do not like it! Because it’s not a melon. It’s like air freshener with the scent of melon and soap. A very strange scent. I can’t get any sweetness or freshness, or juiciness, which has a real melon. But catch the bitter note of wormwood in all this strange mix.

Rating: 1.


At first glance so β€” so- something very simple, a cheap, himonya, with notes that are in children’s shampoos affordable price range. Then immediately: fruit mix, very clearly emerges a hint of pineapple (which I love), then less distinctly kiwi, mango, papaya. For everybody.

Rating: 2.


From vacation spent at one of the Islands of Thailand, I returned home in love with lemongrass. I just love it! These marvelous heavenly aroma of lemon grass in the hotel where I was staying, smelled everything β€” Spa, homemade shampoos and shower gels, which thoughtfully provided a hotel, essential oil of lemongrass’m perfuming the room. Even wet towels in the Shuttle from the airport to the hotel was lemongrass soaked in cold water. Lemongrass is added to many dishes and signature non-alcoholic welcome drink. Even the straws in the cocktails was not made of plastic, and lemongrass. Do I need to say more about how well I know the flavor and how much I love him? How much was my disappointment when I put hands on this cream! This is not what I expected. “Lemongrass” by Milv is a mix of lemon, herbal and marine notes, the combination of which is reminiscent of men’s aftershave. Well is himself.

Rating: 2.

Thank you that read to the end! πŸ˜‰ 😘

Price: 80 p.

Period of use: 2 months.

My name is Julia. Any questions?)

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