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The powder is in a small box, the lid has a decent mirror, looks in which you can safely paint the eyebrows. Also included is a very strange applicator, which converts into a brush. The idea is good, and if instead of this misunderstanding was beveled brush, without any additional tools would be easy to draw eyebrows. But alas, clear of good lines this sponge is not done.

Brush in unfolded condition.The sponge itself.The neat what can happen with this sponge.

Powder divided into two colors, a lighter and warm and more dark and cold, I have the lightest shade of the line. The first color may seem too warm, but in makeup, in my opinion, it looks organically.

The pigmentation is pretty good, but then the end result will depend on how you apply the product. Most pigmentation can be achieved applying shadows are not powdery tone. And the precision and clarity depends entirely on the brush, if you take a thin, it is possible to draw individual hairs but still be exactly like sweets or micro pencil is not, I often take a fairly large brush and fill eyebrow. While I use both colors as suggested by the manufacturer: for dark tail, light body eyebrow. Powder lasts on me all day, but overall, I have no problem with it.

Swatch. Top strokes a small beveled brush, bottom large.

Naked eyebrows.

Eyebrows with powder.

General view of the different make-UPS.

Overall, the eyebrows get a very natural and understated, for those who like clarity and brightness, this tool will not work. Also can’t say that this powder is something fundamentally different from the cheaper counterparts. Does its job fine, but nothing outstanding.

Rating: 4.

Price: about 1500 rubles.

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