Bright beauty – lipstick Shiseido Veiled Rouge RK 405 Pomegranate

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All kind time of day! I decided to introduce you to another lipstick from the line of Shiseido Veiled Rouge in a stunningly bright and juicy shade of a Pomegranate while they can still be found on sale.

This beauty is much more noticeable and elegant than Carera, but I love her no less. And the properties she is almost the same 🙂

So, packaging is still the same — like black sticks, looks expensive and luxurious. Unfortunately, the closure system’s cap, which she can open, that’s the same as the previous lipstick. Alas.
The stick looks incredibly beautiful, shimmers and sparks, Swatch:
The color is amazingly refreshing — it is bright, but at the same time is not as binding as red.
Shimmer on the lips is not felt, and in my opinion it is all the same smaller and more rare than the Carera.
Yes, it will end just as quickly, the texture is absolutely identical to the previous sweet.

On the lips:
As for durability — it is certainly not high, which is not surprising. On my lips is 2 hours, then almost absorbed. This beauty is not so intolerant of update — it is possible to layer carefully on top for richness. To correct easily.

Use life: about 2 months
Price: I bought at a 50% discount and that is exactly what I advise her to look for (given the expense). No discount price 2315 rubles
Rating: for me it’s 5+, but objectively 5-

Summary: love her not less than the first

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