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Hello girls!

Until recently, the lipstick in my purse was considered to be subject to is strictly unnecessary and even harmful, but… exchanging 25 I think that in life, the makeup you need to change something!

But how to change — radically!

If I allowed myself only colorless giencke, you need to purchase something shade vamp!

And purchased — so I met a beauty from Urban Decay!

Lipsticks this company has long been hit — and no wonder! Only the standard collection already 142 shade!

I settled on the Hex.

If you’re sad, put a little lipstick and go on the offensive.

I note that this lipstick are already 6 versions of the finish:

Matt, melaminovye, metallic, cream, translucent, translucent with a shimmer.

Earlier I’d stopped at the translucent Nude, but neeeeeet! Not now! Try it again and chose a bright melaminovye!

The lipstick isin the box, which immediately after photos I lost 🙂

The bottle is metal, closes tightly.

On the cover embossed cherished abbreviation

In stick shade is very bright wine, full-bodied!

Paint in haste lips before leaving them will not work — not the case!

With this lipstick you have thoroughly checked all the boundaries and lines, otherwise the makeup can be messy.

She is a very bright pigmented!

However, switche we see that the hue varies greatly.

Firstly, depending on the layering, it will become more or conversely, less saturated.

With easy application is possible to achieve a berry shade. But if you enter into the taste… 🙂

Look at the lips:

Artificial lighting

At the window:

The effect is different — visible even purple notes!

And finally, on the street:

To wear the lipstick is very pleasant. Despite the matte finish, it absolutely does NOT DRY lips! Although a matte lipstick this sin.

Very stable — large snack is unlikely to survive, but during the day will not float away and not be erased — this is important to me, because the profession of teacher communication during the day is necessary for the lipstick to follow!

White stripes are also not going to.

Full image:

Price: on the office website — 1550 R.

Rating — 10 out of 10.

The use of more than 2 months.

Saturation hue
A range of colours
Comfortable durable fallecimientos in application

Thank you all!

I’m Lena, you’re on to me! 🙂

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