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Today I want to tell you about a palette Naked Chocolate from Makeup Revolution.

I bought this palette spontaneously drew the design and shades. Early on mark didn’t know how and did not know that this palette is the analogue of the chocolate palettes from Too Faced. All this hype passed me by.

So, in my hands was a white “chocolate”.

Will look at it closer.

Packaging is made of thick, heavy, glossy plastic. Made of high quality. This palette is very pleasant to hold in hands. Closes with a latch, which protects against unintentional opening.

Inside is a large mirror, an applicator for applying shadows and 16 soul school. The applicator I used a couple of times, but I like to use eye shadow brush.

Also, inside there is a plaque with the names of the shades.

Texture shadows have a nice, soft, slightly buttery. Almost all the shades in applying a simple, no dust, very easy to blend, have good pigmentation. There are several complex shades, but more on that below.

Here are the shades in daylight:

Look at each shade individually:

  • Smoothly — milky matte finish on the skin is almost transparent, slightly rozoveet. Great color for the substrate and under the eyebrow, to the extent lightens, tulevat it the shade is very nice. At the finish gives a soft, delicate Shine.
  • Divine — bronze-pink, gives a beautiful metallic effect. It is better to apply with a wet brush gives a brighter hue.
  • Mocha Lover — chocolate shade, gives a little roswinkel. Similar to Divine, but darker. Metallic. Application is also similar to the previous one.
  • Dipped — grey-brown shade with Golden glitter. Has a beautiful shimmer, soft, apply it a pleasure. The eyelids looks translucent if applied without base.
  • Choc-fest — matte, tint chocolate-reddish, deep. Well-applied, but, unlike previous shades, the texture is a little dry, and sometimes a little plesivec. Just sometimes, I don’t know what it depends on.
  • Adorable — pink-pearl.Shines beautifully. Applied gently, not dusty, it is very well bear other shades.
  • Buttons — chocolate metallic, similar to but more Dipped in warm and dark.
  • Frosted Choc — bronze, very warm tint. Upon closer examination you notice small red glitter. Metallic.
  • Delight — cool shade, greyish-brown with a purple sheen. Metallic.
  • Sweet Shop — matte chocolate milk, good for the crease. In applying dry, plesivec, it is necessary to apply several layers. Bad gives pigment.
  • Sugar — chocolate-plum shade, metallic. Strange, but of all the metallics this application worst. If all the previous Metallica had a soft, buttery texture, this dry, in this regard, plesivec. Apply it with a wet brush, then applied with no problems.
  • Double Dip — a very festive shade, shiny gold with metallic Shine. The texture is oily, gives good pigment.
  • Tob-le-rone — matte dusty greyish lilac shade. Another outsider palettes. Not as much pigmented as the rest, a little dusty.
  • Wonka — Matte cocoa color, very pigmented, but plesivec.
  • Milky is a shade of dusty rose similar to Tob-le-rone, but more pink and bright. Soft, good color.
  • Way — Shining white gold, but rather white base with a Golden glow. The most disgusting shade of the entire palette. I don’t understand why it happened. Goes bad when applied with your finger slipping, falling off pieces.By brush do not apply, because it is not typed to it in principle. The texture of the clay.

The first two rows in the daylightby the light bulb the Bottom row in the daylight Lower row of the light bulb

For swatches applied the shadow without the base. As we can see, the shadows are quite tight fit, because the block tattoo.

Now let’s see how behave shadow makeup ( used the base Nars).

Shade Smoothly On the eyelid Smoothly, on mobile eyelid Sweet Shop, top DivineDaylight electric lightAdorable Shade all over the eyelid Adorable, top lid Choc-fest, the top applied a shade of Mocha Loversall over the eyelid Adorable, top lid Choc-fest, the top Buttons


Overall, the palette I liked. Color universal well suitable for daytime makeup and for the evening. Excellent ratio price-quality.

Durability good, hold all day, do not put too much. But there is a small minus. During the application of metallic shades, all face is in crystal (seen in photos), so I recommend to apply first the shadow, then Foundation/powder. In the process of socks did not notice them such characteristics as shedding.

Price: 1000 rubles (excluding discounts)

Period of use: 6 months

Rating: 4 out of 5 (reduced score in a few shades, capricious in application).

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