Clarins: Multi-active jour targets fine lines, antioxidant day cream all skin types & Extra-Firming eye wrinkle smoothing cream

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I have many times confessed their love to care Clarins, and not only care. Periodically cheating on him… But today is not about that. But good two creams: for the face and skin around the eyes.

Day cream to prevent the first age-related changes with antioxidant effect for all skin types Clarins Multi-active jour targets fine lines, antioxidant day cream all skin types.
Volume: 50ml, country of manufacture: France.
Whole range of day creams Clarins series multi-active jour are the same – it is a heavy jar frosted pink glass. The difference — according to skin type: for all types of skin (it will be discussed); for all skin types with SPF 20 (it was salinillas to write, but the cream is like, I can recommend to those looking for good basic cream with SPF and light texture); dry skin (it is here); for normal and combination.
The cream is sold in a box with a booklet, unfortunately, without spatula. Has a bright floral aroma. The color of the cream is a pale pink; the texture is light, not greasy, slightly lighter texture to his brother with SPF.
Cream claimed anti-aging effects, in the extract teasel extract of myrothamnus, exclusive protective complex of new generation Clarins Anti-Pollution.
Took it on a summer day. And you know, he was the ideal day cream for this period. The cream is absorbed quickly, in about five minutes, making it a great base for makeup. Gives the skin sufficient hydration, which does not disappear after it is completely absorbed. And how often I came across such – absorbed and re-apply though! Magic getting rid of wrinkles of this cream don’t wait, it gives good prevention, really moisturizes the skin, smoothes little wrinkles and occur from dehydration. Already demazeau the rest of it and I can say that in the offseason moisturizing I enough, have to include a hydrating serum.
A good cream, I liked it. Next summer I will repeat.

Rating: 5.
Period of use: from may 2018.
Price: 4995 excluding discounts.

Regenerating balm for the skin around the eyes Clarins Extra-Firming eye wrinkle smoothing cream.
Volume: 15ml, country of manufacture: France.

A jar of eye cream — a small copy of a face cream. Only frosted glass with no color.
This time spatula was included, which is great, so how to extract the cream from the jar without her quite uncomfortable. The cream has a dense texture, in contact with a finger it melts from the heat, refusing to cling to.
The color of the cream is creamy white, the aroma is barely perceptible:
The cream spreads easily, is absorbed about five minutes to ten. Concealer on it was fine.

The cream is recommended for women aged 40. It contains extract of black currant buds and Shea butter that soothe and nourish the skin; essential rose wax, which is responsible for wrinkles; complex elasticity, consisting of organic green banana extract and lemon thyme, vitamin E strengthen the structure of the dermis around the eyes and protect from the negative effects of free radicals.
I am 33 years old and this cream to me a perfect fit. The skin around my eyes are dry, thin, visible wreaths, there are small wrinkles to use this cream were a few deep. Now, these deep wrinkles that are not bothering me, became very thin and only visible when you smile.
More can not write… the Cream works! Of the minuses – if you overdo it with quantity, provokes swelling, but I’m one of those who inclined to them. Spent economically.

Rating: 5+.
Period of application: from April 2018.
Price: 4180 rubles excluding discounts.

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