Collistar Double Effect Eye Shadow No. 10 Verde Dorato Wet&Dry

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As long as the work Christams Abraham, content with small forms — big and complex no strength. However, the mood can raise and cheerful mono-shadows. Today — about herbs) By the way, the greens in my tinatapos little.

The shadows are not new — I have them for quite some time. Dug and removed the light of day recently.

The shadows-ones in a convenient plastic case (box is also sort of had) with a mirror and a good sponge, the handle is short, but in the absence of anything in the way — they can be quite bearable to do makeup. In ordinary life these shadows require a bigger applicator (brush not so good friends with them).

Inside iridescent, with stains and streaks, with a noticeable presence of shimmer. Dry, a bit prickly. Not as difficult as the old chameleonlike, but clearly convey greetings to them. Shade of velvety, green — not coniferous, but rather “water” — green pond hidden on the outskirts of the old Park, in which rush quick gold sparkle-fish, will be more faithful.

The shadow of the dust quite well — after application on the eyelids I wipe them with a napkin. Worn about 3-4 hours on me like any other. And base until you’re blue. Actually, they revealed it at the base. Without it they are not so good.

Shadow without a base for any look — nothing special. With the base more interesting.

But the shadows there is a minus. In my case quite thoroughly. All of this magic herbs, however beautiful it may be, really brings out the red, which I have many — any redness on the skin, eye fatigue, and just my reddish tone, everything. So I wear rarely.

I cannot compare with anything green shades I was little. Still not my colors. Identical not found)

Guerlain 502 Coup de foudre, Essence The Little X-mas Factory Eyeshadow palette No. 01 North pole express delivery and mono-shadow of the post.

In the end, gently and rarely, but I wear. How are you getting on with the green shadows? Wear it or too cautious?

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