Concealer Laura Mercier hiding “failures” under the eyes

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Favorite among the concealers was chosen a long time ago and I decided to abandon the experiment, but it was very boring, and a craving for something new is irresistible, so I bought a new concealer, just in case the same brand as my favorite, deciding that this is the easiest way not to be disappointed.

Flawless Fusion Ultra Longwear Concealer 2N

To concealer was considered worthy (well at least in my system of values) it must have two main qualities — not to look dry, emphasizing wrinkles (any, not necessarily age), and not to be too dense, tight overlying everything. This concealer performs both of these requirements, and bonus is another plus, which I understand is already in use.

In the line of many shades in the store I chose, along with the consultant of the three, almost identical colors. But in fact, a slight slip in the tint problem should not be, the concealer perfectly adapts to the skin tone, so it can be bought online (on the Russian market mark, alas, gone).

Packing standard, pleasant, convenient stop and the sponge, which remains exactly the amount that I needed for both eyes.

Ideally, the skin under the eyes needs to be hydrated, if you really apply to clean, dry skin, can stress it is not always the perfect texture, as seen in the close-up on hand.

Then look at the “intended use”)

Caused concealer on one eyeconcealer only on the left eyelid.

applied on both eyes

My previous concealer, in addition to the basic requirements had “uhodim” bonus, you can use it without the cream, it is very nutritious and really cares for the skin, this concealer no such qualities, but he’s got a different stunning effect. Some time ago I began to emerge “failures” under the eyes, and in my opinion it is even a greater sign of age than the nasolabial folds, which all struggle with terrible force. This concealer wonderfully creates the effect of fullness to the orbital area (due to some magical blur, while it has no reflective particles), and it visually compares to the rest and ceases to stand out.

And he is very persistent, so when flushing I make for reliability using hydrophilic oil.

So, today I have two great concealers for all occasions, proven over the years I’m definitely going to use in cold winter days, and the new, when the skin is not going to need any extra food.

Rating: 5

Price: 24 Euro

Volume: 7 ml. Is a lot, the period of use is 6 months since I have they just expired (bought in April), but I continue to use it, the end and edge it is not visible.

Well, at the end of the composition:

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