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At a time when consumers, according to the reports of some research companies are less interested in anti-aging remedies, on the forefront of cosmetics focused on healthy aging and well-being, as well as on the emotional impact that can have cosmetic products.

Molecules of happiness and prosperity are the latest trend in cosmetics and care products for skin. Craving for cosmetics based on cannabidiol (CBD), is certainly one of the clearest signs that there is a growing trend of “happy skin”. However, legal obstacles associated with the use of this substance, impel cosmetics manufacturers to turn to other active ingredients.

For example, at an international trade show in-cosmetics in Paris Global Givaudan introduced Sensityl, active cosmetic ingredient created from algae with powerful calming effect and ability to positively influence a person’s mood. “Consumers are less and less problems with making them wrinkle – said Pauline Martin, Manager of global communications and events at Givaudan. – However, they want to feel good getting older”.

To demonstrate the impact of your ingredient to the mood of the consumer, Givaudan used the test protocols developed in her the perfume division. “The mission of beauty is to convey emotions to the consumers. Now we can scientifically demonstrate this effect,” said Pauline Martin.

In the same spirit, Seqens checked the emotional impact Glycuron 2.78, biotechnological active ingredient that promotes hydration and regeneration of skin which was presented at the exhibition in-cosmetics in Paris 2019. Evaluated in a placebo-controlled study in accordance with Protocol developed by Spincontrol, Glycuron 2.78 demonstrated its ability to significantly improve the perception of self-image.

“The perception of self-image is a key element in the ageing which is a serious change in the perception of women of their age,” says Aina Kairos, Manager for innovation and scientific communications in Seqens.

This view is shared by the Solabia. According to the French supplier, “today, consumers no longer want to hide their wrinkles in any way possible in the first place they want to be in harmony with your body and image.” On this basis, Solabia launched 3Dermilyn – active ingredient derived from the seeds of plantain (Plantago lanceolate), which are organically grown in France. 3Dermilyn is a polysaccharide that can hold a large amount of water. In placebo-controlled clinical study 3Dermilyn has demonstrated its ability to increase dopamine release (+ 19%) and serotonin (+ 12%), two hormones known for its positive effect on mood.

Consumers can expect an unrivaled level of happiness and well-being thanks to the revolutionary creams that will be released soon? Some providers call for more caution, since some of the promises of manufacturers can be exaggerated. “The connection between the physiological and psychological well-being have long been known – said Edith Filair, scientific Director of Greentech. – We know that aging is associated with a drop in self-esteem. These psychological changes can also be associated with changes in hormonal levels. Use cream for skin care can improve health, but the effect should be quantified using scientifically validated tests.”

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