Creamy lipstick Estee Lauder Pure Color Love Lipstick in 140 Naked City

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Hello everyone!

I think we all know how hard it is to find a beige, creamy lipstick that will be good to lie on the lips. With such a challenge I had to face. Summary you can watch under the cut

Estee Lauder Pure Color Love Lipstick #140 Naked City.

Lipstick Pure Color Love comes in 30 shades and 4 finishes (Ultra Matte, Shimmer, Pearl, Creme and Edgy Cooled Chrome). Earlier I already told about this line of lipsticks, but only with a matte finish (link to 120 hue and shade 320).

Today I want to show you one representative of the Edgy texture Creme (bold, cream). To be honest, I don’t really like lipsticks with a creamy finish. I prefer matte. But once I got it into my head that I urgently need a creamy lipstick and it was beige. Prosherstiv all brands, I opted for a lipstick from Estee Lauder in shade 140 Naked City, which became the heroine of the review.

Let’s quickly run through it with you at registration:

The lipstick is a blue cardboard box.

Open the box and take out a beautiful gold box. It is quite heavy and made of thick transparent plastic. On the cover and on the case is engraved brand. The case closes tightly with a distinctive click.

The reverse side has a sticker with brief information. The bottom of the lid is painted in the color of the lipstick. Made in Belgium. Volume: 3.5 g.

Stick lipstick has an angular shape. Not very convenient, but I already prilovchilis (there is already experience with this line). Over time it smoothed out, and get a clean cut. Stick in box fixed fine, not wobbly when you use lipstick.

Shade: classic beige shade with a cream finish. Has no shimmer.


daylight in the sun

Th: nice creamy texture with good pigmentation. Has a light vanilla scent that does not stay long. It is applied easily, sliding movements and with one application fully covers the native pigment of the lips. I apply the lipstick stick, as the auxiliary circuit it is simply not needed. Because it does not spread, is not going to strip at the junction of the lips. The lipstick does not dry lips, but can accentuate flaking. Very comfortable with her wearing period. Very good durability for a creamy texture. Tested it all summer and it survived more than 4 hours (without snacking). Coming off the lipstick evenly, no bald spots, starting from the centre of the lips. If necessary, you can remove any tool for removing makeup. Or you can update the site where the lipstick was coming, this won’t be a problem, as it is superimposed without problems.

The only negative was the lipstick may meet in the mucosa of the lips ( I have a lipstick in this place going). This is evident at the macro, but in General is not so conspicuous.

Now let’s see the lipstick on the lips:

daylight in the sun

Conclusion:the lipstick I was satisfied. Typically, these shades are very problematic, but this pleased me. It is almost perfect. If you are looking for beige, cream lipstick, pay attention to it. And I noticed another lipstick in the shade Strapless 130)))

Rating: 4+

Price: on the stock 1199 ores.

Thank you for your attention!

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