Delicate moisturizing gel Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrating Concentrate Supercharged

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Good day to you, lovely girl!

Today I want to present to your attention a moisturizing gel concentrate intensive-action Hydrating Clinique Moisture Surge Supercharged Concentrate in a volume of 48 ml.

Country of origin United Kingdom.

Main ingredients: capsules spherical, rich in vitamins E and C. When applied to exempt powerful antioxidants that protect the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals; the polymers that hold the particles of moisture in the skin, strengthening its ability to maintain the necessary level of moisture.

Capsule balls inside the container are fascinating.

The tool is Packed in a convenient cardboard box.

The bottle is made of durable transparent plastic, the bottom and top of the bottle are metal.

Dispenser the bottle is easy.

Produces a sufficient amount of gel at a time, not leaking. I also like the fact that the bottle inside the tube from the dispenser. Each subsequent click on the rotary valve cover the lower part of the bottle rises as you pump. The gel rises.

Can be applied to the eye area.

The tool has a gentle ultra-light gel texture, contains fat.

The gel is a translucent pale peach color. When you press the dispenser, when the gel is squeezed from the hole of the dispenser, capsule balls burst, without damaging the skin.

Clinique moisturizing gel is applied and spreads easily, absorbs quickly. After application to the skin felt a slight stickiness, which after 10-15 minutes goes by. Moisture Surge perfectly moisturizes the skin, on top of it you can apply concealer, makeup, gel does not conflict with any means of cosmetics is holding up well, no slides, no lies bald spots, not flowing. Extra care not needed.

Supercharged Moisture Surge Hydrating Concentrate is suitable for dry, dehydrated, normal and combination skin for oily. After applying the gel concentrate skin perfectly hydrated, smoother and glowing, not oily and greasy. The skin is not visible.

The gel has a subtle delicate floral-fresh fragrance that instantly disappears. Discomfort and allergic reactions have not caused.

Happy Clinique moisturizing gel 100 %.

I recommend for you to explore. Excellent care for autumn, spring and summer. Winter needs care more nutritious.

Consumed the gel sparingly, will last a long time.

Price 1725 RUB.

Rating 5.

Time use year.

Thank you for your attention!

To me it is possible for you.

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