Dior Addict Lip Maximizer # 012 Rosewood

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The first “maximizer” I bought 10 years ago when shade was the only one pink and white, so translucent, which is a little whitened lips. It was love, which was repeated to me again and again. And I’m glad now there are many new shades that I want almost everything.

Let’s start with the promises, which actually should confirm the proud name Shine “Maximizer”:

+29% of the volume of the lips

24 hour hydration

86% smooth lips after 4 weeks of use

That is, by and large, a caring lip balm, and in part of pending hyaluronic acid. About increase frankly, I think any glossy translucent sheen adds lip volume, and to understand that the influence of any substances, or simply the merit of the shade – I couldn’t) But my lips do look well groomed and volume) Therefore, for the effect of filler properties I warrant, for this and repeat purchase of the product.

Back to the design. All the classic gloss Dior: transparent bottle with silver cap.

At the opening, as expected, the sponge almost jumps. The sponge is small, rounded, velvety, cut the right shape, which is very convenient during application.

The Rosewood shade 12 – pink-beige Nude with a subtle shimmer.

On the lips the shimmer is not noticeable at all, and it turns out just the glossy finish. I note that, like all the other colors, it looks very intense in the bottle. Should do a Swatch on the hand or on the fingertips (which ensures a more correct color for your lips. Because the back of the hand or the brush is much lighter pigment of the lips, but the finger pads are very similar in shade. For the experiment, will provide you with a few photos, and wonder where you will better understand the texture of the gloss and its color) as the color will be translucent, barely passing the one chosen shade.

The scent is unobtrusive, there when applying: mint candy. On lips tingling cold chill in the first few minutes, a very pleasant feeling) but probably a matter of habit, and it passes very quickly)

Glitter does not flow into the folds, does not spread, is not going to the white line along the contour, not sticky. One word is a godsend, where you on the fly can give lips a well-groomed appearance.

Volume of 6 ml, the flow rate is very high.

Rating: 5

Price: with a discount of about 2 000 rubles.

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