Dior Diorific Vernis #850 Splendor Holiday 2016

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From year to year at Christmas okolicsanyi with shimmer release dozens. The new year declares red to be. And it does, pour it into a pot-bellied glass bottles, and we are intoxicated by the feast, buy. And so it was, is and will be.

Diorific is not really about lucky in a utilitarian sense.

Diorific_и is about the holiday, the anticipation, waiting for the Christmas tree, boxes with gold ribbons, tinsel, sequins. When the red lipstick and red nail Polish — never appropriate when sequins, crystals, shimmer and highlighter — not too much.

Splendor — limited (as with all Diorific) nail Polish from the same collection of Christmas 2016.

Classic Christmas collection with sparkling sequin palettes in the shadows, a matte liquid lipstick and a lucky pot-bellied, resembling Christmas balls.

Black, red, gold, and mica — what could be (simpler) is better for a holiday?!

Thick well pigmented red with gold, silver and crimson microchimerism.

Before applying the vial is gently inverted a few times

The brush is wide, the pile is elastic, the cut is rounded, and if you get used to short, uncomfortable handle, quick sharp movements with a single stroke quite feasible to paint your nails and lead line at the cuticle.

One layer may be enough, due to the good pigmentation and density.

In a single layer without the top. Day, street. Can highlight the beauty of the hands.

But this Polish (and all my Diorific_и) I’m wearing two thin coats on the base Catrice Gel and Power with the top dryer Deborah Lippmann Addicted to Speed:

Two coats plus a top. Sunny day, shadow.

When applied and does not spread where the brush is there and varnish.

Native gloss is weak, so a top is needed.

Shimmer is only for bright light — sun or lamp

Two layers on the base will be dry for a long time (40 minutes). With the top 10 minutes.

Universal cherry red. Wear with jeans for every day.

Distance is just a rich red cream

Vitality when no homework and minimal contact with the water — up to 4 days ideally. In ordinary everyday life — 2 days. Almost as bequeathed about Chanel nail Polish on one evening.

The photo on the phone. Daylight

Splendor — Lak-holiday, we can make yourself from everyday life.

The photo on the phone. Daylight

Polish is the only color on the tips of the fingers. A small detail, sometimes determines our mood.

Red paints have a lot. Different brands and textures. Here on the photo: a cream, metallic, jelly and shimmer.

How many Diorific vernis in your collection? Plan to make this year?

Rating 5-/5

Price: ~1500 RUB.

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