Elizavecca Milky Piggy Hell-Pore Sparkling Wine Perfect Peeling Pad

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So I got the pads from peeling. πŸ€— This time wine Elizaveta.

I have had pads Avon, we became friends immediately, got used only at the end. But these things got fun.

The tool is designed to clean the skin, promote the removal of dead skin particles, black dots, is used to normalize the sebaceous glands, getting rid of Shine, pores contraction, remove minor scars and acne, moisturize the skin and give it a healthy glow. The composition of essences created on the basis of wine, hyaluronic acid, panthenol, betaine, and allantoin.

The Bank came pretty quickly, so a long wait was not necessary, was opened almost immediately β€” was wondering what it is and why it’s popular.

Volume box (100*100*86) cardboard with information (composition and instruction) and rather lively illustrations.

Inside the rather large transparent Bank (Ρ„95, h-85), in which 30 pillows. Cover is twisted and it should be done tightly. Under the hood was initially the membrane of metallized paper.

Drives inside diameter less than the Bank, they are bilateral and with hole for fingers. Liquid acid-pink color a lot in the beginning, they literally drowned in it β€” the bottom two were below the waterline. However, we should not deceive ourselves β€” this liquid gradually becomes less. Some even keep the lid up-side-down, to be well soaked, but I think it’s overkill β€” it is quite usual storage and rare the turning back for uniformity. All the same, so that the hand-tech is not the case.

The discs are double β€” sided- one side patterned, the second smooth. The hole is placed two finger)

The smell of bubble pig mask with a mixture of soap β€” not the most pleasant smell at the end of use, though not cause rejection.

Take out the disc, put on and carefully traversed the grooved side across the face. Use on cleansed skin. Then use the smooth side. After this some time to dry (1-2 minutes) and wash (I don’t like peeling remains β€” lipoate). Then ordinary care. In the field of violation of the integrity of the skin can pinch. If you wipe the disk clean and tonic face after peeling pads, the disc will turn pink))

I use pads for some time, they do not cause discomfort (except a little stickiness, I was talking about). Since the use of leather is clearly better. It seems to me that primped have a fairly obvious part in my fight for clear skin and play an important role in the whole system of care. Now it took me about 2/3 of the banks and I’m ready to repeat. Unlike other pig brand products (cream with shimmer, bubble masks, foams), this I liked. Serum was also good.

Wipe thoroughly all over the face except areas around eyes and lips. Don’t forget about the area around the ears and under the chin.

The meeting was successful, the product is good. Now I started to use the patches: Rich, hope to be able to compare next time. While pleased with these. Acne disappear faster, new inflammation is almost there, the skin is smoother and does not blush such explicit spots. However, now I have and the rest is good.

Price: 1550 RUB, but there are discounts (my Bank β€” 730 rubles).

Volume: 30 PCs, 200 ml.

Use: from the beginning of September.

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