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There are months when I bring the empty cans packages, and there are nothing.

This month I finished part of shampoo (the green ended at the approach of the coconut and Vilenta), almost finished all the sun protection, but still burned one day, smeared on your feet bad eye cream, ended with the next patches — it’s time for a new, mixed mask, a tonic and finished them, I repeat once package alginate masks, but will look for something else as a liquid (oily and combination?), there were a lot of masks rags (Vilenta absolutely no, and accustomed to good Korean). Finish the remnants of makeup “for problem skin” — in the winter they are not needed, the skin comes back to normal, and the store opened not desirable, it is better to buy new in the following a troubled season.

1) Baths of Aphrodite Santorini Lava Olive Oil Soap For face and body Soap with olive oil.

I love such Souvenirs from vacation — they then long again.

Carton box inside polyethylene film and the soap itself is 100g. piece. Soap black, with a light fragrance (I don’t know what it is), weak foams, quickly washed away. Not as soft as most tested, it is hard (except for one Greek, about which he wrote last year — very soft black soap). Rarely used it — rather, something to wash feet after walking on the wet grass and dusty road with a dog, hands after giving, after something fatty oil type, washed them greasy menthol ointment (with this soap it was faster). For hands nice, but the body is very dry.

Use: 02.08. — 23.08.

Volume: 100 gr.

Cost: unknown., no more than 5 euros. Gift.

2) Banna Lemongrass Oil.

Sorry for the torn sticker, but it happened.

Another Thai oil (last or penultimate) — a year and a half, in constant use. And here is finally over. Traditionally use for calves. Plastic jar with dispenser. Sold in thermopolyurethane. The dispenser is so-so. No, he’s comfortable, but tends to leak and so almost all Thai oils — somewhere from somewhere over time. This is no exception, so in the end poured into another jar with a spout. The oil itself is fragrant, greenish. No illusions and do not believe in promises, but the skin of the feet helps, and this is important. Worth a penny. Specifically look for will not, ask to bring too, but if you turn up and give a try to use. Helps the calves.

Use: about one and a half years.

Volume: 450 ml.

Cost: about 50-60 baht. Gift.

3) Green Mama Fly Away! Gel-cream night detoxifying Protection against acne for problematic skin.

Bought last spring in preparation for the summer season and troubled for a year and a half have used them 25 times. Were a lot of other cosmetics, especially the one that gives the result immediately. But this cream was postponed, postponed and in the end, I throw almost a full tube because it has expired. Very disappointing. But let it be a lesson.

Tube with the necessary information and cover-flapper. Inside is a white cream-gel with no smell and light consistency, absorbs quickly, a little watery. To use pleasant. Not greasy, not sticky. Very sorry that I have to throw out. It would be better brought to the country and enjoyed on the weekends instead of the usual pack sachet of different creams.

Used standard — after cleansing and tonic. Sometimes applied on top of the cream, but rarely, usually it was enough. Not to say that the tool was actively working, I have a problem of different nature is a solitary inflammation (especially the chin), but as prophylaxis before the onset of the heat very well, and in the summer, when any cream seems heavy, this is perceived well. With continued use over time the skin slightly, but was vypaivali — leveled structure. Not as effective as acidic creams, but a little was noticeable.

Use: about one and a half years.

Volume: 100 ml.

Cost: 200 rubles.

4) Propeller immuno Salicylic peels-roll deep cleansing 2 in 1 Cleans and levels.

Appeared in the spring, but used rarely. Plastic tube with lid-odinochkoy. Inside is a transparent gel with a faint lemon odor. Peels of Skadi I love, but it didn’t work out. The manual says that you should apply to dry skin and then roll. I put on dry, then tried it on wet yet — the result is the same — rolling does not occur. Peeling works as hard washroom — face squeaky clean, very smooth, but it just yet won’t care and won’t Wake up in the morning. Is all the same. Not a very strong effect.

With this peeling, I realized how inconvenient it can be to clean, to wash the face with foam, to reach for a towel (I have one bathroom and sometimes you have to get out and walk to the towels), wipe the face and then use the bedroll. So I prefer those that are not picky about the face. But this could not finish.

Use: 21.04.

Volume: 100 ml.

Price 89 RUB Gift.

5) Holika Holika Pig-clear dust out Deep Cleansing Foam.

Now the washroom. For a long time, but this thing could end. This despite the fact that I raspolovinit my sister. Pretty tough washroom, which was dried skin. But soap is wonderful — after a particularly difficult day when you need to rinse the face with something (dust after stable or trip somewhere on a dirt country road), sunscreen for example. Coped fine — it was small enough droplets. Foam good foam, well washed.

Tube glazeva plastic, easy to open. Foam white pearlized odorless. Sister love — but both this and the Elizavecca black from my previous post about the empty cans, but I’ve somehow dries hard. So do not repeat exactly.

Use: 14.05.

Volume: 150 ml

Cost: 675 RUB Gift.

6) Johnson’s from head to heels Baby shampoo for washing and bathing.

This tool came to me not because I have allergies, although it had to appear that way. No. At one point I ran out of gel, for a new to go I was too lazy, then forgot. And this appeared in the bathroom itself (the sister then said that she had and simply put, I forgot to say), I started it, the benefit as a means for body wash, you can use it.

Frosted plastic jar, tight lid — how to open up and loosen. To use it conveniently. In the liquid aromatic agent. It’s faint, but pleasant — like the products of the brand since childhood for this flavor, it’s the same) I Put on a washcloth and soaping the body, then wash off. Foams are weaker than usual, washed out a little faster. Indeed, it is very soft and nice to use. For serious cleansing will not work (after sport or stables, after the dusty roads and summer cottages), but after the normal working day cool — completely. Well in the period of Allergy (I have about 2 month, this period is extended). I think I’ve discovered something new and allergiy next season to buy again. It is possible that in winter, when extreme cold and the skin cracks on my feet without a care, is also suitable as a mild cleansing agent. Not to overdry.

Use: may.

Volume: 300 ml.

Cost: about 200 rubles, I think. Gift.

7) Buckis lip balm Classic and Grape.

My Estonian hygienicke lay since may, waiting for the queue. Ordinary cheap, but workers. The packaging is quite simple, the cover need force to close, so as not dumped. Inside the stick is quite soft and melting in the heat. One I broke almost immediately, the second closer to the end. The first (blue) very fragrant, smelled of milk and vanilla, very comfortable and not afraid, tasty, flavor. The second smells like grapes of wine varieties, sweet, but slightly Intrusive. The first smell I liked more, but unfortunately it lost my little dog. I am very sorry.

Both hygienicke dragged in the bag. After the failure of purple great put back and no longer worried and blue dangled and rubbed against the wall, so I wanted her to melt in the jar, but did not.

Lasts about a month of use. To wear comfortable but absorbed and evaporate quickly — up to Lenkavskogo balm, for example, they are far away. Although summer care is very good. For some time they lay on the lips with a protective film, a part is absorbed. After half an hour or a little more they are absorbed completely. Needs to be updated. And blue is more dense and lasts longer, purple “thinner”, but too bad. Everything else, at the very end in the purple cracked plastic mechanism, got the go. So the ass plan to throw in a jar (a little over 1 cm).

With all the disadvantages of the packaging, the sticks hygienitech I liked — working. But it is sad that the packaging was not very. I hope the manufacturer will modify this point. Because these lipsticks I am ready to go again. By the way, I was not burned in the area of the lips.

Use: 28.07.

Volume: 4.5 C.

Price: 0,45 Euro per each. Gift.

Here’s a list of cans turned in this month. Of course, besides them every three to four weeks discarded deodorant and a bunch of what I wrote and I use (lotion, makeup remover, foam-the can, scrubs, gels, decorative cosmetics sometimes). In September-October it will be time to stock up for the winter with something new, and yet another two months of heat is able to finish light products.

How many of you finished off funds in August? Do what again next year?

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