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November was not very profitable, but I, as a participant in the fight against the destruction of stockpiles, rejoice in every small empty jar)) And the day is near when my supply runs out and I’ll be back to normal by the consumer.

So — November:

Dismantled, as always, by groups. And I’ll start with the masks. The mask I did the minimum this month as removed on the face of a few moles and have had to change a little. Apply the mask is only part of the face was difficult because the process of washing could affect those areas that can not be wet. Therefore, only two masks:

Both masks belong to private line Letual, mask-glitter I did last time, silver is no different from the rest. The same powerful cleansing face, mostly to get rid of blackheads and a trigger hair (really hard wax), and a little bit of time)) the Main thing — to suck it up and remove it. Solidifies quickly, does not dry the face. Second — care mask with almond oil and vitamin E, wonderful for the result, but uncomfortable to wear, as it burns slightly and causes a slight redness that goes away immediately after mask removal. As I understand it, it’s not an allergic reaction, because after a full twenty minutes, the skin is aglow, and calms down. However, I’m wary of products that causes any bright response and continue to not buy it.


1. HORMETA mineral moisturizer was offered to me at the pharmacy. Tight, unpleasant in the distribution and irritant in texture. But the skin took well. The normal basic cream for dry skin.

2. Oil Caudalie overnight detox. Normal makakakita… compared to my constant companion loses and smell and texture. The result — the nutrition of the skin at the height applied at night, edema causes. That’s about it.

3. Quince Day Cream, Dr.Hauschka — for this stamp I treated with prejudice, but this is marvel. Skin ate this cream is greedy and demanding, and a good rest. Glad that Golden Apple provides the opportunity to buy roubles for 300-400 here are thumbnails of different ways. Had the tube for two weeks, texture delicate emulsion, when applied becomes watery. The most gentle and skin friendly cream for the last time. Facial wrinkles are not as dry, the skin is moisturized, but not greasy. Loved and will go for a full tube.

4. Night cream Givenchy tortured for more than a year — the last grams hated with all my heart. The cream is applied well and smells good. That he does not allow the skin to dry completely after washing. It is if you try to praise him. If you are really not doing anything.

But this oil is wonderful. Restores the face after a cold, the complexion with it’s wonderful, dense (paint promahivayas movements two to three times a week), but not gonnasee the skin. His price is high, 9,000 rubles for a full-sized bottle. But this picture was enough for me for five months. Already bought another, but it will remain in your heart. Full volume will not buy, so as not to use it for two years

Ended miniature Chanel no 5, EDP, my favorite concentration. God, any bottle is over pharmaniaga)) I Love these serious aldehydes in November, cold wind and frost look really good with this scent, erasing a retro touch, adding to the anger and bitchiness sound))

Of bath products — soap…

have smilie packaging handmade soap donated a beautiful girl)) Soap was head and shoulders above what is sold in the store — soft, gentle and interesting sweet-smelling,

shower gel by L Erbolario came with the gift of fragrances this brand — it does not perfumowana shower gel such beauty. Delicate and unusual fragrance of white flower, nice texture and softness in the skin made to dream about buying, after the completion of the project.

But soap, which I photographed separately is my personal nightmare and a punishment for greed. I read a post on another site where a girl was praising this soap. The history of this soap at home, natural ingredients, incredible smell of oatmeal cookies. This is a brand Sappo Hills glycerine soap in the old style with cereal. The post was great, I ordered the soap immediately. Came box. Gold pieces it was 12… In soap-based pressed cereal, krabat well, soap is very soft and washes. Really smells like oatmeal cookies. But!!! Only in dry form. In the wet and from the smell of rancid body oil and something unpleasant, the smell of a stale kitchen rag((( . not — interfere with the pieces of oatmeal. By the way, very frustrating to find these recessie oat pieces on your body after a shower. Soap is wildly economical. And pieces of these — 12. This was the last mylili entire box year!

Hand cream no. Of the benefits — convenient size for handbags, pleasant to the taste. The situation with dryness decides 15 minutes…

the average micellar water. Quite mild, not annoying nor eyes, nor skin. Removes makeup directly on chetverochku. If there is no other option — repeat. But you didn’t.

The famous Cabaret mascara I am not fond of. I bought two different types, one gave. Beautifully accentuates lashes, well washed and flaking, contrary to the predictions and reviews. But began to crumble lashes very actively. Frightened, stopped using after 1.5 months, although the ink could still be used.

But the pencil Essence Atkins no longer turned. I feel very sorry for him, he was still of the old issues, the most successful for my taste. And he’s the last from me. For the first time glad his greed and desire to buy the packs.

Project pan in the middle)) I can see the boundaries of the remaining pile of cans, clear perspective. I do not regret one bit that he limited himself while in shopping. Now, with each discarded empty cans, I feel that I really like…

Thanks for read))

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