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Violet-purple color has always been special. It was associated with royalty, it sang in his works, the legendary Prince, and finally, the Pantone color Institute has announced the Ultraviolet color of the year 2018. It is pleasing to the eye, while being one of the most demanding shades. At the same time, violet is so self-sufficient that can be only one purple bar make a stylish detail in any image.

The easiest way I srih this is possible by using eyeliner Essence Longlasting Eye Pencil purple rain 27.

Essence Longlasting Eye Pencil purple rain 27

Pencil Essence Longlasting Eye Pencil 27 purple rain I settled for a long time and during that time has managed to win the title an indispensable must-have.

Deep purple-purple shade completely matches the color of the plastic body of the pencil and very well displayed in the product name (purple rain). Weight get out of stylus is 0.28 g, made in Germany.

Eyeliner Essence 27 purple rain

For the most objective description of the quality characteristics of pencil Essence 27 purple rain simply refer to the statement of the manufacturer and add that it is running at 100%:


Durability and intense color thanks to the innovative swivel mechanism allows this pencil is incredibly easy to create crisp, accurate and expressive contour, does not require sharpening.”


Consider it necessary to underline the vitality of the pencil under any conditions it stays in place indefinitelyuntil the make-up remover.

Swatch Essence 27 purple rain on the street

If, as in Zaceste, hard rubbing with fingers and/or cloth over Swatch, the color never be removed completely, and the lines remain consistent:

Demonstration of resistance — after trying to erase the pencil hand and a napkin

It is important to add that if the eye makeup is not sliding or lubricated on my hanging eyelids with oily skin, it is equivalent to successful completion of a beauty product crash test. Unfortunately for me, these products not so much.

Despite the amazing vitality, the pencil is very soft texture, it does not crumble, it glides on easily and does not pull the eyelid for a easy to sharpen on a paper napkin. Removed without problems by two-phase cleanser to remove makeup.

The color of the pencil is very intense. Thanks to the gorgeous shades, it looks great solo, and that’s how I wear it most often. This is a great solution when you want color on the eyes, but no time for elaborate makeup.

Photo on the street — purple rain Essence 27Essence 27 purple rain — photos on the street

Unequivocally can recommend eyeliner Essence 27 purple rain to anyone who liked this shade.

Bright shade and rich color
Widely available brand
The product of the permanent range
Affordable price Not found

1,45€цена10/10оценка1 year, 4P/metallomesogen skin Type: Oily skin, sensitive skin

Do you like UV makeup? If so, how do you embody it, are there any favorite products purple-violet color?

Thank you for your attention!

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