Estee Lauder Double Wear Light SPF 10 in shade 1С1

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Updated tone Estee Lauder, who managed to catch the fancy of many before it was removed from sale.

Before you upgrade try I did not, so the impression I have is quite fresh, but, unfortunately, compare with the old version can not 🙂

I have a Nude version of that in the glass without spout, which for me is not very convenient, in General, the concept of “buy Deluxe tone, but also run on shops in search of the dispenser”, somehow does not inspire. And then the perfect solution with the pack – nothing to purchase and can be easily transported. In the glass, of course, looks expensive-rich, but plastic tube is much more practical.

  • Volume – 30 ml;
  • made in Belgium;
  • SPF 10;


Classic cream, not very dense, but not liquid, drop holds and keeps its shape. Hands to put difficult, to do this, the texture needs to be more liquid or air, and the brush for me is too tight. Therefore, through trial, I found the best option of application – sponge. So the coating is the most harmonious for me. Sometimes having a slight problem with feathering of the borders, you need to put a little more effort. But overall, not leave stains, when it caused more, that is the time to blend with a sponge.


As of version Nude, I was approached by the shade room 1С1 is light beige, delicate porcelain with a cold pink shade that will suit fair skinned girls.


If you use a wet sponge, the tone falls flat without any effort and doesn’t look very dense because the brush to me gives such a result. It does not sink into pores, dry skin is very delicate, I have problem areas around the nose, but he did not make them more visible.

The tone promises to hydrate, to give a matte finish, to be sustainable 24 hours a day and not shy away from contact with water.

My skin is now dry, but in the T-zone by mid-day starts a bit of Shine, which for me is surprising because usually at this time of the year on the face I the desert.

Before applying try to moisturize the skin, but even if there’s no time, the tone feels quite comfortable. Yes, dry patches are going to be felt, but by and large, discomfort and feelings of tightening does not occur and the end of the day I don’t look like withered prunes.

A more fatty place, MT area, all you feel is remain matte all day, without additional funds.


For me this shot! It’s a perfect balance of a matte finish and at the same time very alive and active texture.

The only thing I’m a bit annoying in this tone, is the fact that it remains sticky even probably 20 minutes, and while on the surface it is not imprinted. But anyway, just in case keep looking, and didn’t imprint whether it somewhere treacherous way? Sometimes, you go on top of the powder or the meteorites, but in this case, the coating is slightly firm.


Every day for me is a good option, a little more dense than I’m used to ( usually using EXPLOSIVES or muscovia texture), but any serious problems it will not block. Actually, I was somewhat surprised that with such an obvious creamy texture, the coverage was with a pretty day-covering ability. Minor irregularities will block it, the complexion will be ideal, and for everything else you will need to take concealer.

here you can see on his forehead the rest from ugly price, Melusine not see major redness was removed, but the rest will have to remove the concealer.

Tone without problems keeps the whole day, not slipping away, your face remains matte, even after Jogging for a bus)))

And I would also like to mention a very weak scent, almost invisible, because my tone version of the nude I began to vybeshivaet its sweet smell so much that I want to throw it out, since it is impossible to use.

Summary: I really liked the finish, with him comfortable all day, it stays on the face in the same form in which you remember yourself in the mirror in the morning after applying makeup, but 20 minutes tack very annoying, especially when you have somewhere to run. Therefore, it is a good solution for Combi skin, if you want something more dense in texture, medium coverage. However, the best record it can not, especially for 4 thousand without discount. But as a casual option, I would imagine it repeated discount 50%)

Price: about 4 thousand without discount

Rating: 4

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