Evening make-up in 20 minutes. Step-by-step lesson

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Usually, going to an event, I spend in front of the mirror for at least an hour β€” because everything must be perfect β€” from the tone of the face and ending with shading. But what if not enough time, and want to look presentable? Suggest you look at my Express option evening makeup “in haste”.

Makeup I used:

  • Concealer LuxVisage Insta Look in the shade 30 Natural cool
  • Opaque concealer & highlighter Eveline Cosmetics Professional Art Make-up Concealer 2 in 1 in shade 05 Nude
  • Mattifying mineral powder with silk Eveline Cosmetics Professional Art Make-up Powder in shade Golden Beige 35
  • Palette eye shadow eyebrow Holika Holika Wonder Drawind Eyebrow Kit in shade 01
  • Eyebrow pencil Cosmetics Parisa Master Shape Eyebrow Pensil in shade 304
  • Cream eyeshadow Missha The Style Mono Touch Shadow in shade CBE02
  • Mineral eyeshadow KM Cosmetics in shade ES132
  • Mineral eyeshadow KM Cosmetics in shade ES512
  • Palette eyeshadow Sleek makeup I-Divine Vintage Romance Eyeshadow Palette Mineral Base
  • Blush Bless Wild&Free Colour Blush in shade 02
  • Mineral highlighter KM Cosmetics in shade H5
  • Lipstick Essence Longlasting Lipstick in 06 Barely There!
  • Mascara Vivienne Sabo Cabaret Premiere in shade 01 Black
  • You know, it seems too much makeup like Express makeup πŸ˜‚ I was in shock, when enumerating the list.

    Any makeup for me the most important β€” a uniform skin tone. Therefore, the first step is to paint a skin tone cream LuxVisage:

    Now draw the eyebrows. So they don’t look too unnatural, not paint over them completely with the pencil first and paint over the entire area of the eyebrows with shadow Holika Holika to impart a translucent tone, and only after that “Doris” pencil Cosmetic Parisa missing parts and bald spots πŸ˜€

    I now turn to the eye makeup. As a paint base on mobile eyelid eye shadow Missha over them carefully shade across the upper eyelid shadows KM Cosmetics in shade ES512. At the same time trying to in the outer corner of the eye pigment was more intense than in the interior.

    On the “Apple” of the eye and the lower eyelid shade mineral shadow KM Cosmetics in shade ES132.

    To make the look more expressive, on the lower eyelid add a touch of black Love in London from the palette Sleek Vintage Romance, smoothly blending it for a part of the upper eyelid so that the makeup looked in one piece, without sharp transitions.

    In the inner corner of the eye adds a shimmery silver shade Pretty in Paris from the palette Sleek Vintage Romance. Shade it in moderation, not too “go” on the primary area of the century.

    Paint over the lashes two coats of mascara Vivienne Sabo Cabaret Premiere.

    Optionally, you can also paint over the white pencil on the eyes, but since I’m “happy” medium of contact lenses, mucous I try not to touch the pigment hammered lens, and it looks first, not very aesthetically pleasing, and secondly, creates a feeling of discomfort in the eyes.

    Eye makeup with flash:

    Put on the skin under the eyes concealer Eveline and “pass” powder Eveline to zaminirovanii the skin and to hide the remaining flaws.

    Then apply the highlighter KM Cosmetics onto the cheekbones and use blush Bless as a bronzer.

    The final touch is the lipstick. Since eye makeup is quite bright so I chose lipstick Essence in a cool neutral shade 06 Barely There!

    Makeup ready! I have this “drawing” takes about 15 minutes if you do it in a slightly accelerated pace, but without haste (when everything goes wrong πŸ˜€ ). If you use eye makeup not so saturated colors, and nutovo beige, it is possible to adapt it to the front exit.

    Despite the fact that the output is quite a striking image at its creation takes a minimal amount of time and skills.

    With flash

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