Experience biozavivki. My search for elastic curls

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Nature has endowed me with curly hair. But I like the character a joke, straighten curly, straight wind..

In the winter I saw photos of beautiful crazy curls and I realized…I urgently need it!

To be honest, a couple of days I was going through the Internet on the topic of biosimilar. But the real reviews was not enough. “Bouncy curls” stood before my eyes, and I made an appointment for a consultation.

Risk hair I don’t like the PM went straight to the top master in the cabin, which specializiruetsya it on bishvilech! Master examined my hair and said just elastic curl will fall perfectly on curly hair and everything will be fine))

No sooner said than done.

That’s about what I wanted and what I promised))

Hair was added to reinforce the complexes of PM according to the master “not a hair will suffer.” And part biozavivki included special components to care.

Clocked me at an average curler and I spent over an hour waiting for the miracle))

To say I was not happy, to say nothing…

The effect was similar to “Soviet” chemistry… with the same success it was possible the house in curlers to cheat. Anyway, after a couple of days after shampooing everything had to be right. But I didn’t!

That is, the effect certainly was, and the wave stayed a little longer, but no elastic curls out of the question. If a lock was required, so again there were Curling irons and styling products((

The only advantage of a couple of months after biozavivki was that head a bit longer clean.

But now, after 7 months, I decided to write this post, and cooled the desire of others to do biozavivki.

After the procedure, the wizard warned that you need to choose shampoos with silicones, and active use of air conditioners and serum to the ends. All of which I actively used, but that’s just the quality of the hair is now just awful.

Here is a photo of my hair to biozavivki

Natural slightly curly hair. Special care has never required

First, his hair began to turn into a bunch of straw, which is impossible to comb. I am shocked because like I never experienced before.

Secondly, growing hair is completely devoid of and biowave lighten my hair a few shades. Now the difference in the color of the hair is very noticeable, and the hair I do not paint!

Thirdly, I began to notice that her hair started to fall out and break. The lower 10-15 cm of stratified and terribly dry to the touch, despite the oil and serum.

Of care now I have: shampoos and conditioners from Tresemmė, argan and burdock oil, leave-in treatment from Gliscor, Dove, favorite Belarusian serums and sprays. Plus 2-3 times a month for hair. Well and vitamin complexes.

Photo with biozavivka made within 5-6 months. “Spaniel ears”, not curls Photo last month. In top left photo: look hair by the end of the day, if you washed them in the morning. The complete lack of volume and the feeling of a dirty head((Well, what we have now, after 7 months. Matted hair, a strange reddishness

The cost biozavivki cost me 13000r + 2000 for additional care.

Thank you that read to the end and I hope that was helpful!

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