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I heard a lot of unflattering about this collaboration and about the chalky shadows with refilli so tiny that they can put each brush to the eye, and the cost for one gram does not correspond to the mass-market, and Pro primer carrot color, and about the permanent collection of the identical brand shades that are more expensive just because of the color packing powder, but I was wondering and I decided to take Karandash mucosa: first, it’s a pretty harmless thing, and secondly, in my purse is still such a pencil is not enough.

Maybelline New York Gigi Hadid Gel eyeliner Nude

It looked like a pencil in my nose


After the first sharpening on a beige-pink surface left black marks, which are not podais or ordinary friction or tool make-up remover. At first I thought that the pencil is “pinned” on the remnants of the black Kyle, who was in the sharpener before him, but most of all, the pencil was just grazed on the sharpener, judging by the color of his rims. Not for aesthetes and perfectionists in General.

By the way, I like the dark color, and the fact that it is made of wood (remember, 20 years ago there were pencils with a rim of similar materials, and the school was very cool to use these instead of wood).

The weight of the pencil 1.1 g, there are instances obesity but overall its a lot.


I would have called the color sparkling milky pink; the camera makes it warmer, and in the eyes of the “rosevine” almost disappears

Texture and durability

Well, the pencil is very soft, softer than many cialov. Due to its softness it is difficult for them to hold a thin line, besides it can go a bit uneven — not to flexivity, and to go thicker in some areas, but due to the presence of small, subtle shimmer unevenness inconspicuous.

In my opinion, this pencil uncomfortable to draw arrows because of the softness, although I must give him credit: he firmly fixed on the skin, and simple friction not get rid of him. On the other hand, use a pencil to highlight the inner corner of the eye or of the space under the eyebrow is uncomfortable due to its rapid fixation. However, I took it only for eyeliner mucosa. By the way, there is a black, who wants drama and Smokey.

The pencil never left my wrist after I did the Swatch, until the evening; not smeared and did not stained. The mucous membrane, of course, durability is not so good, about 4 hours, then he crawls in Mirashnichenka space, but, incidentally, it pretty well looks.

Pencil in the case (all the photos daylight):

Brave in the process of sprouting, pardonteEyes after

A little different lighting and slightly goggle, so you can see the pencil better

As you can see, not evident to the eye that the mucous summed up, but I like this effect very much: when hoping to increase eyes mucous podvodyat boil-and-white pencil, it looks unnatural and sometimes a bit scary.

What disturbs me is that due to its softness pencil and tries to stay on the lower eyelashes, where it becomes much more noticeable (as I did with the outer corner of the left eye).

Price: 300 rubles

Rating: 4. Sure and for the price there are pencils better texture, but I as a person inexperienced in principle, like everything.

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