Favorite berry. Clarins Eclat Minute in shade 08 blackberry

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The color cosmetics market is oversaturated to the fact that the purchases less pleasing to the eye, and in a variety of media so that it is difficult to see “that”. On the other hand, the sincere delight, when “the same”, after all, find.

With the brand Clarins we have a mutual love. I never cease to admire sderzhanno-luxury design of charts and bottles, while the manufacturer maintains a consistently high quality of its products. All my powder, bronzer, mascara, blush Clarins — round honors, including oil Eclat Minute — well, just a medal!

Is this oil I see only as a decorative product. And buy it again, trying all the new shades. Blackberry I literally sunk into the soul.

Graphically , the bottle looks like glass but is made of transparent plastic, which over time scratches. Labels are not overwritten. Golden cover tightly to the bottle, eliminating the flow of oil.

Wide neck restrictor matched to the wide sponge. Oddly enough, the limiter always looks neat, well removing the excess product from the sides of the sponge. But on the tip of curved blades each time oily drop of oil.

Soft puff with short fibers I, without exaggeration, love. In a jiffy allows you to cover the entire surface of the lips, for me personally it is extremely convenient to use.

The oil a pleasant aroma — sweet, pastry. On the lips is not felt when applied too, but in the bottle it clearly audible.

Volume 7ml, but the experience of using its full-sized predecessor and miniatures, I have to say that this is sooo much. The product is extremely economical.

The texture is sticky, oily, non-flowing, moderately pigmented. Oil is perfectly placed, including, for dry lips, does not spread outside the contour. However, in a dense drawing, overlaying, it may seem that it flows into the folds. This is not so. If in doubt look at the macro.

Daylight, clear

Color. Magenta, aubergine, plum and even dark purple — to describe it can be almost anything, and everything will be the truth. In my opinion, the closest shade that is on the lips to a deep purple-red. Colors the lips with the first layer.

Daylight, clearDaylight, clear

Actually, for what it to praise.

Oil Clarins Eclat Minute amazingly comfortable to wear. I do not like sticky textures and almost never use lip gloss because of the feeling of something foreign on my face. It’s lies like there was. Visually adds volume and gives a mirror gloss. It seems like more and give bonus, but no. While applying the oil — lips protected from the Vert and cold, but worth it to erase, it will return to its normal state.

Whatever is promised by the manufacturer, it is not whodoes tool. Decorative. But what, after all, beautiful!

The applied in a single layerCoating in a single layer. Macro

Vitality — about 2 hours in its original form. After absorbed, leaving hands feeling soft, moisturized lips. I once again will underline — it is the feeling. From food and drinks quickly erased.

Full image with Clarins Eclat Minute in shade 08 blackberry

Price: 1 850 rubles without discounts

Rating: 5/5 subjective

Tell me, have in your cosmetic bag ordinary at first glance, from which you literally pischite? ))

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