First. The only. Special. Concealer for the eye area La Prairie Light Fantastic Cellular Concealing Brightening Eye Treatment

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Increasingly I am faced with the fact that buying the expensive special brand, I do not subscribe to the ease of use, such as special dances with a tambourine in the drawing, the shading, the preparation of skin for make-up.

Buying concealer La Prairie, I was 100% sure that choose the best of the best. How wrong I was …

To buying my first concealer, I approached responsibly. I looked through the reviews, posts, video reviews for products of different brands, from massmarketa to luxury and professional cosmetics. At the end of my research I was 100% convinced that I need a concealer and it is only from La Prairie. I’m so inspired that I have never thought to try/ to test in the store, any other brand, I deliberately went for him.

When purchasing made test satest the lightest shade in the line, made sure that the color and texture suit me, and that’s it. My heart he conquered long before the purchase.

What makes me captivated?

First,the ease. I didn’t want the mask on the skin around the eyes and dense, deaf coverage.

Secondly, according to the manufacturer, the concealer has skin care properties. It moisturizes, soothes the skin, brightens, covers dark circles under the eyes, hides fatigue.

Third, volume. From economic calculations, the purchase of concealer La Prairie ( plus refill cartridge included ) comparable to the purchase of two of concealer, such as Yves Saint Laurent. “But it’s La Prairie, and not some Yves Saint Laurent”- I thought.

Fourth, the tool is universal. According to the manufacturer it replace concealer and Highlighter: it can be used as in the areas of skin around eyes, as concealer and apply to cheekbones, the curve of the upper lip using as a Highlighter.

Packed set box silver. Concealer and replaceable cartridge is placed in a white velvet backing. There is an instruction. All over the packaging will not stop, it is not so important.

Needless to say about the impeccable quality of the case?

Durable, heavy plastic silver color. For all the time use it is not formed scratches, scuffs than sinning cosmetics Dolce&Gabbana.

Closes concealer with lids tightly, with a distinctive click. Cap is not getting loose, after a month is closed as well tight, as on the first day of use, not allowing the product on the brush to dry and crumble.

For example, replacement of the rod will show the brush before applying. It is made of PU elastic cloth.

The pile is soft, not scratch the skin. It may seem that the hairs slightly, but this nuance exists only prior to use. As soon as the concealer gets on the brush, all the hairs are glued together.

To ensure that the tool appeared on the brush, enough to make 2 clicks on the button, located at the other end of the case.

Before first use you need to make around 20-30 clicks.

Color line available in 3 colours. I chose the lightest shade with a pink undertone 10. It perfectly blends with my fair skin.

When the feather becomes completely invisible, blends into the skin, leaving only a barely noticeable wet trail of reflective particles.

No perfume fragrances I felt.

Demonstrate the corrector in action.

The skin around the eyes in good condition, with no visible peeling. Previously about 40 minutes on the skin and applied moisturizer. There are dark circles, not critical, but requiring a light coverage. Visible blood vessels.

Caused concealer in 1 layer.

Look noticeably fresher, right? Skin became lighter, there was a glow, dark circles become less visible, although not disappeared completely. Offset vessels.

I was completely satisfied with such a light coating. Concealer if desired, layering and thus coverts the ability to make more pronounced.

Also I am completely satisfied with the light wet finish. Dullness I do not tolerate in any form.

The skin there is no discomfort – no sensation, no feeling of tightness, feeling the mask of gravity.

What I don’t like completely is the lack of moisture, according to the manufacturer. On the contrary, the concealer seems to dry. He emphasizes not visible to the eye peeling.

This despite the fact that the skin was pre-prepared. And I’m not talking about the cream is applied 40 minutes before makeup.

Intensively moisturize the skin I started for the day, yesterday afternoon and evening, using enough fat and thick cream for the skin around the eyes. Despite this, the corrector showed dryness and peeling, which I didn’t even know.

And how caring properties? Hydration of the skin, the claimed ability to relieve irritation… About them, however.

5400₽цена7/10оценка1 year, 1P/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Combination skin, without any problems

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