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Hello! I think many people have heard about a new line of Dior Backstage, released this summer. I learned about it thanks to the wedding of Meghan Markle, I really liked her makeup done with products of this series, and as soon as the opportunity arose, I ran a test tone Foundation.

I have very fair skin with a neutral undertone and find the perfect tone hard. The manufacturer promised that the choice is very wide (and he does not lie). I approached two tone — 0N, the lightest neutral, and 0CR, cold-pink. But the latter was not available, so I chose the first.

So he looks on the official website

And in my hand

Packaged in a standard jewel box Dior. The bottle is of course very controversial )) Yes, it’s plastic. But the quality is excellent. Hence the cheap price compared to other tones of Dior. The lid is twisted. Those who took up testers in shops, you know the trouble with these packages: if the tone does not stand still on the shelf, he follows. I wouldn’t take it on the road. The rest with the spout of the spout is, of course, not super wow, but acceptable. A volume of 50 ml.

By the way, the interesting thing is that the consultant to the corner advised before application shake it. Well, well, dearie.

At the base pleasant perfume scent. The texture is very light, I would even call it a fluid. The manufacturer advises for light coverage apply Foundation with fingers or sponge in a single layer, in two layers with a brush or can be layered for a sturdy floor. There is no protection from the sun, this is a huge minus for me. The site says that it is suitable for all skin types, but I would not recommend dry. Will soon see why ))

Briefly about my skin: combination — oily T-zone and normal cheeks, freckles and quite visible pores, inflammation, isolated on schedule )) Waiting for light coverage and a lively finish. So we watching?



Put in 1 layer of the sponge finger because it applied so-so. The finish was lively, though a smidgen powdery, velvety skin. In principle a good idea, hid the pores and freckles, but the inflammation on my cheek and moles remain the same. But if I layered it, it would have blocked them. And most importantly — peeling! I was otshelushivaet the skin the day before, but he still found that stress. In the summer everything was great, but now I have acute dermatitis and skin rebels. Actually, I don’t give a damn ‘ bout the face, no one considers me so close, but for some it can be very important. And let’s look with a complete makeover.

Here you can see that peeling stressed not only the nose and between the eyebrows

By the way, for he is good, so is the resistance. My face starts to Shine, not earlier than 6 hours. Holding on to victory. Does not disappear.

In General, I like it. Cool that he was perfect for my skin tone, that you can change the coverage and that it is persistent. But he has a lot of nuances.

Period of use: 3 months

Price: 2100 rubles with a maximum discount

Rating: 4/5. Minus the peeling and packing nuts.

My name is Sasha, let’s “you” ))

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