Givenchy Le Rouge Liquide in the shade Taffetas 106 Nude (pink nude)

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This year was released Givenchy lipstick Le Rouge liquid which is applied to the lips with a sponge but looks like a stick.

Altogether there are 14 shades of which I chose room 106.

This lipstick is not very usual and standard packaging, so I want to draw your attention to one point: that lipstick went out, you must spin the base, and the first use of lipstick is better to make one turn and wait a bit. If fondant yet again to make one turn and wait. And so on. Otherwise there is a risk that the outside will result in too much lipstick. But it is only during the first use of lipstick, in all these times the mechanism is working properly: one turn — one application on the lips.

The lipstick is very pigmented when applied to my lip color covers just.

In the cold lightthe neutral light

The lipstick is very comfortable, for me personally it is moisturizing and not moisturizing, I do not feel it at all.

A light sweet smell only if I can get the applicator is very close to the nose.

From bright hues to the line, I think, a clear outline of the sponge will be quite difficult to outline, you will have to use a pencil or a brush, but for this shade, this point is not critical.

In the photo below on the right side the imprint of my kiss. Lipstick was applied for approximately 10-15 minutes before the kiss. In my opinion, a very good result, the imprint is barely visible.

Himself Swatch on the hand I deliberately had not washed for about an hour, to show that over time, the lipstick is absorbed and becomes similar to the tint (on the hand more clearly as the shade close to my natural lip color, and the effect would be difficult to assess). Lips after soaking continue to feel comfortable I dryness not feel. Lipstick without problems superimposed on top of such politicallegal layer.

In this way the lipstick will stay until snack.

Below Swatch on my lips immediately after application with neutral, warm and cool lights.

Rating: 5, effect: tint does not bother me: a stranger can not see that lipstick on his lips, but the color is, the lips look well-groomed, and there is no feeling of dryness.

Price: 2,600 rubles.

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