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Today I will show you a collection of Galaxy Russian manufacturer Up Pink, which beautifully played with the space theme. It consists of ten very impressive of nail Polish with a sparkling or iridescent finishes.

This time the manufacturer has filled its lucky simply bottles of rectangular form with removable double lids, and gave them a round, comfortable, flexible brush medium size.

So, consider all varnishes in order.

# 01 white pearl lacquer with a modest opal tints.

# 02 — silver holographic. Holography is soft, unobtrusive.

Both of varnish worthy to be a solo manicure, but I chose to connect them. They have a liquid consistency, which, on the one hand allows for easy application, for leveling the surface requires a larger number of layers. Therefore, each nail I applied three thin coats, and some where even four, but to me it was not difficult, because I prefer dense cover. Dry layers well, but just to be sure I covered everything your favorite dryer Revlon 960.

The manicure was very resistant, wore it for almost a week, only the ends of the nails jammed. Was removed without problems. Holographic # 02 behind the nail easier than a pearl # 01.

What can I say? Very nice couple, nothing to complain about. Each rating: 5

The following pair of paints is “nearly white” lacquers. I call them, because they give a kind of porcelain coating on your nails, unless, of course, to try and apply them evenly.

# 03 – slightly pink with a Golden sheen.

A little capricious, though I am quite well and decently put it into three thin coats on bare nails and covered with drying.

It is very likely that the varnish will thicken quickly, but I was not discouraged, and I think that next manicure it lightly planted, and the following will be sure, because I just love this on your nails. Besides, this varnish from the category that visually make your hands younger. And who wouldn’t want to!

# 04 — light beige with lilac shimmer.

Technically similar to the younger brother # 03 not easy, but the real deal.

Rating: for me, both Polish students, but objectively, given their whims, they put on 4.

The following trio — glitter nail Polish.

# 05 — duochrome, pale blue with a purple shimmer and holographic chips.

Incredible handsome! Went on in three thin coats on bare nails under the dryer.

Nail color frosty winter sky, and the little light in it like a sparkling snowflakes, playfully gleaming in the sun. All days, while I walked with him, constantly staring at your nails in awe.

Rating: 5!

# 06 — purple-turquoise duochrome with tiny holographic fragments.

The texture of the varnish is great — fluid and malleable, they can even paint “on the knee”. In short, everything I love. On the nails it looks a bit feeble, with a sort of fashionable now “martichenko”. At first I doubted his account, but in fact the nail was very stylish.

Here he is in three layers and under the dryer.

Rating: 5.

# 07 — “star” top.

Is a pale blue jelly which floats on a tiny holographic confetti and confetti is larger and shimmering stars.

Despite the fact that large particles in the lacquer a lot, to extract them from the bottle quite difficult. Next, I will show you how the top looks on the bright. As the Foundation took the nail Polish # 04, and you will notice that the nails only one star, and that’s because no matter how hard I puffed, managed to catch on the brush only her. I hope that over time, when foundations become smaller, to make it easier.

Rating: I can’t say that the top of some very original, besides, there are difficulties with getting large sequin from the bottle, so my assessment of him was stuck between 4 and 3.

The latter trio varnishes.

# 08 — lilac-maroon-Golden duochrome with holographic speckles.

To him I dedicated a separate post. Only repeat that this is a great instance, and my assessment of him: 5!

# 09 – sophisticated-lilac-turquoise duochrome.

Pretty bright, and the Amateur, of course. In the drawing there are no particular problems, except that it is nacre, I may be slightly porosity. I gently put him down in three thin coats on bare nails and covered with drying.

Rating: 4.

# 10 — blue-purple duochrome.

This is the last nail, he is the apotheosis of the collection of Pink Up Galaxy. Excellent performance, and when slightly thickens, it will become even better. While applied it in three coats, but I think that over time, two will suffice with interest.

Despite the fact that the varnish duochrome, on the nails, I see him more often blue than purple. He was particularly good in the sun and in artificial light. Beautiful, but for my taste to the “galaxy” not up, not enough me in it stars. I decided to fix it and put in an accent top # 07, but here’s the thing, and this time stars to catch and failed.

To be honest, I forgive the lack of Polish super iridescence on the nails, on the contrary, for me it is just good its not boring, and in some sense restraint. And that’s the top, by the way, greatly added to his “feeling of space”. In any case, the nail Polish I wore with great pleasure!

Rating: 5.

And follow-up. I believe that this is the best collections of the brand. Mixing varnish is beautiful, and technically they are good — have a nice texture, almost everyone has no problems with the application, dry perfectly, and with the resistance they have everything in order. Also, despite the thematic focus of the collection, very pleased with the diversity here, each of us will be able to find a varnish to your taste, unless, of course, loves such effects on the nails. But most interesting is that all this beauty is sold at a very affordable price — 150 rubles a bottle.

And you are familiar with the collection? And how do you like it? Please share your impressions.

Thank you for your attention.



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