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First, Nina Ricci and I met in 1st year University. From Sorority sisters so delicious smell I wanted to smell. Do not think of anything smarter, I bought a fake, which, of course, was “originalnym confiscated from a warehouse letual”)) fortunately, I enjoyed them briefly (realized the same that counterfeiting is a bad thing). Then for the first time she came to the Rive Gauche and on the accumulated grant got Nina L’eau. The bottle until the end is not used, fed up with and so many interesting things I started to discover… well, to stand Nina Ricci to come I stopped. The appearance of a blue vial Luna won me over only their own views, content not hooked) got the thumbnail and calmed down.

And here’s the first promo Bella: the bug, the gold plates and the rhubarb… Beautiful. Use this product was not in my plans, but when I tried, the heart quivered) placesite 30 ml of the beetle, alas, no, so for 50 ml now adorn the shelf)))

The famous perfume on the website discussing decorative insect. They say, no it’s not a ladybug, and an ordinary fly (well, logical chain, sitting on what flies you think you’ll finish). But I like it. And insect, and the color of the bottle, and a dark green spot on the glass and cap. Looks bright and spring-like.

I think Bella’s not like his girlfriends. The expert (or fan) will surely understand that it is the Nina Ricci, but nevertheless the flavor was interesting and original.

The bell is called daring and sexy. So I want to ask — huh where?!)

She’s rather cheerful, cute and young))

The fragrance starts with juicy greens and lemon rind. Then you can clearly feel the sourness of the rhubarb. Resembles a Lolly-pop, which appears in the language set on edge, but tasty and want more. Thanks to white freesia, freshness is maintained and seemed cool without feeling air freshener. And vanilla supports the composition, giving the acid of rhubarb sweetness, softness, karamelnoe. Surprisingly, Bella actually keeps a balance: not the typical watery fresh and not cloying gurmanika — but something in between. Easy, casual, tasty, feminine.

Durability is not bad. Feel all day, and it does not need to bring wrist to nose. But the train is almost there. Asked colleagues and husband — I feel only if you come very close. Well, okay. But I can hear the flavor =)

Concentration: EDT

Perfumers: Louise Turner and Sonia Constant

Group: floral fruity


Top notes: green Mandarin, rhubarb, lemon

Heart: rose jelly, rose, white freesia

Base: vanilla, white musk

Price for 50 ml no discounts on the map: 5000 roubles

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