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In autumn, your skin needs protection, because it still did not seem cold enough for gloves, we are neglected, and the temperature difference at the exit of the heated hot batteries of the premises and the wind we do not take into account. I want to tell you about a nice light cream that is necessary for the autumn — Yves Rocher Long-Lasting Moisturizing Hand Cream with Organic Arnica from La Gacilly!

I’m always with warmth and tenderness were treated to the brand Yves Rocher. Their natural formulations, for their flavors and for their neighborly attitude to nature. So in General I like all of their basic products, does not promise Golden mountains.

This cream came to me as part of a set best-selling thumbnail. Although it is difficult to call such a packing a miniature, of course. In addition to hand cream with Arnica in it there was a cream for the face and body with chamomile and two-phase makeup remover with eye cornflower.

The cream is packaged in a tube of opaque white plastic. Volume — 30 ml. Very convenient to carry it with you even in the smallest handbag, and resort to his help at any time.

Cover tight and reliable folding.

The cream is the same Arnica, which is claimed in the name of the product goes to the last place. Of course, there are big questions to concentrations of this extract in the product. But nonetheless. Arnica — almost magical healing herb, though a bit poisonous.She moisturizes, and soothes, and heals, and generally often used funds from bruises and spider veins, as it is an excellent venotonic.

The cream is very light and gentle. The consistency is very close to the body lotion. So yeah, it’s definitely not for very dry and dehydrated skin and for cold winters.

Due to its light weight it is absorbed almost instantly! Literally two minutes — and hands are not greasy, not sticky, no tape, just a normal hand, soft and gentle.

The smell is quite specific, like the smell of hay and cut grass. Such a typical grassy smell. I personally like it, but I warn you, if you have sensitive noses, it may not come to taste, the scent lasts a long time, about half an hour.

What about the effect. We were promised long-lasting hydration. And there would have to clarify — what is long? For 24 hours this cream is not exactly moist, but apply it morning and evening I have quite enough to make your skin feel comfortable and oulainen and looked at this well-groomed and nourished. During the day my hands, but the effect of the cream goes on after that. Again, it is not greasy, not washed off with water film, just not frantically begin to dry as soon as wash it with water. With the desert dryness of my cuticles cream can not cope, but to heal it really well. A week and a half ago, I managed to stretch out on the stairs and this well scraped finger, so now the case goes to the little scar, already crusts remained.

So, it is a nice lightweight cream, suitable for daily essential hydration without any claim to miracles and protection. For fall it fits perfect.

Testing period: 2 months

Price: 210 mm (full size 75ml)

Rating: 5

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