Half empty jars: my mistakes in Korean nursing.

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Hello! Want to show your remnants of the Korean’s skin care that I never finished for some reason and where you used just a few times and have not seen any result.
Since I have collected here for 18 funds, I want to calculate the total amount of money spent on all these jars, so below I will leave the cost of a particular money. (And in the end we will see the amount that I paid for my cosmetic experience)
It just so happens that there are almost all the stages of skin care, so I will tell you about the jars in the performance of health treatments.

read Delevoye information: I am 31 years old, the skin is combination, sensitive, oily in summer, more in winter often dehydrated. Rash no have rosacea (on the wings of the nose) and a small age-related changes. Problem area around the eyes.

1. Foam MAMONDE Triple Multi Foam Cleansing
Price: 550 R. at bbcream66
Composition: www.ewg.org/skindeep/product.php?prod_id=486494#.W6tAQTx1OUl

This is the only Korean jar, but I still include it here because the principle of Korean facial cleanser is exactly the same. This foam, which accomplishes essentially 2 functions: cleansing and peeling. In fact, the packaging States 3 in one, but the third function I have not found. The lid opens very easily, not tight. Foam itself is standard dense texture with a very strong odor. The smell is similar to air fresheners, you know, the type of “Wintergreen.” Foam, naturally, is very strong. Cleans to the skin and with daily use very suit the skin. Perhaps this foam is designed to be used twice a week, but for me now it is too aggressive, even for one time. Therefore, to use before the end of this tool and could not. Some alternative application he also can not find.

Go ahead. Cleansing mask!

2. INNISFREE Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask
Price 833р. on ebay
Composition: cosdna.com/eng/cosmetic_c1bd139043.html

This is a more extreme version of their usual clay masks. Initially, I bought her husband, but also tried to use. My skin is not cleansing mask and slaughter the cement. Now in the jar it dried, but was no less dense putty. Here is the composition of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, i.e., physical filters, which are so dried, as well as volcanic ash and clay. It has a rather striking scent, and I found all of this on my face pretty quickly, hard to wash off. Used twice and realized that no longer can.

3. Another clay mask from the brand order of use — Angelic Therapy.
Price 883р. for 50ml on ebay
Composition: not found, but I would be glad if someone will bring)

Such a sachet I was 10, there was one that already talking about some love. The most surprising — it is exactly the same perfume as the previous. This mask is softer and more gentle, apply like butter, but also very difficult and long washed off, if allowed to dry. The manufacturer says that the mask is very delicate, does not violate the natural lipid layer and nourishes the skin with minerals. In fact, my combination skin feels only a slight matting and becomes softer. No more miracles do not occur.

Following refreshing mask. I mostly used in the summer when I wanted to put something light, especially after sun exposure.

4. Order of use splash hamcho spa mask
The price of 550r. 30 ml bbcream66
Composition: www.cosdna.com/eng/cosmetic_aee6240377.html
*photo from Amazon, because my in the process lost

There was a greenish gel with small white patches (I used this jar to the end and then wondered what effect it gives me?) The basis of this mask is silicone and alcohol, as well as some herbal and floral extracts. The question is, why I put this stupid complex to their skin and that I wanted him to? The fact is that when the trains for you as the dark forest, can’t seem to find a tool that will be noticeable to work. I wanted to soothe the skin after the sun? Well, that’s my tone, like, cool, I’m better. I wanted moisture? Well, she’s supposed to be moisturizing, the skin is not thick after! That’s such a lullaby I calmed myself before you once more at least to understand the compositions. Honestly, I would say that it is much easier to weed out the nonsense because the nonsense is full. Including luxury. Including Korean luxury. Moreover — this mask gave me the opposite effect, it did not improve the complexion and worsened. Now as I understand it negatively acted on the blood vessels, redness long subsided, so I still don’t like my face with a cooling hydrogel mask. Especially patches. I feel not physically a very nice effect of the cold.

5. The following mask (I hate this word )Sulwhasoo trufresh soothing mask.
Price 772р. for 50 ml on ebay
Composition: www.cosdna.com/eng/cosmetic_a27c310341.html

I have two Sasha was ten, can’t bring myself to use it. Claimed as much as soothing. And immediately on the second place of alcohol after water. But even if you don’t know the composition — the smell is eloquent and unequivocal. The rest of the ingredients — it’s a lot of different extracts, all as love in Asia. What is she doing? For me, nothing. Even applying it layer by layer, as a sleeping-PEK, on the morning I saw only the deterioration of the previous layers. It turns out that one does not inflict — it gives the same effect as the preceding pattern, and as a final step, it is not suitable.

And move on to serums, they are the same essences.

6. Su:m 37 pore timeless essence.
Price 588р. for 30ml on ebay
Composition: www.cosdna.com/eng/cosmetic_f71f320240.html

I ordered 30 sachets, and used 5. One of such things is enough for 4 times exactly. Ie I used essence for about a month. The result of the action of Essentia — redness of the skin. And nothing more. No tightened pores, no reduction of sebum. The manufacturer says that the product contains fermented bamboo SAP and the juice of various plants(the list of three kilometers) are also fermented. And now, after three years of fermenting in the laboratories of the Su:m 37, the resulting component is mixed with denatured alcohol (he is in second place in the team) and made the infusion, smoothing the pores. Thank you. Did not help me. Well, here I want to answer myself — well, stupid. Others out how to help, but you do not. Yes, I agree that active PR and the Korean boom did the trick, and by buying these tools, I implicitly believe in their effectiveness.

And then we are kings silicones! Really, this is such a failure-shame, I’m trying my best to overcome this stupid desire to buy something, just because they have the money, time and… discount!

7. Thank You Farmer True Water Deep Serum.
Price 1363р. discount on OZON
Composition: www.cosdna.com/eng/cosmetic_0637232759.html

In theory this should be glubokovodnoi serum with the effect of the protective film. Basically, if you look at the composition, it is. 6 in the silicone, which makes serum not like godovoe tool, and silicone base for the face. Despite the fact that then there are extracts, moisturizing and emollient ingredients — hyaluronic acid high molecular weight (which also creates a film), adenosine, beta-glucan, lecithin, panthenol and ceramide NP, even in spite of this, a feeling that useful put very little(30%), and silicone is too many(70% is the information from the packaging). My skin feels it just as a base under make-up for girls up to 20 years.

Two miniatures from the order of use. Obvious that I loved this brand, I have a lot of them ended, but much remains. Specifically, these funds are a gift from the seller on eBay where I regularly bought samples of the Korean Suite. Therefore, the cost to take into account will not. This order of use marine wrinkle defense. Protective anti-aging and moisturizing line. Toner and emulsion.

8. Composition: shinsegaemall.ssg.com/item/itemView.ssg?itemId=1000024512141&siteNo=6004&salestrNo=6005&tildSrchwd=리리코스&srchPgNo=2&src_area=slist

The toner compared with the usual Korean pretty thick. The odors in many lines in order of use is almost the same, some smell a little more, some less. How does this toner: imagine that you have land with a not very smooth surface, and instead of watering the soil, you fill it with silicone with fertilizers. Fertilizers there really is — Niacinamide, beta-glucan, hyaluronic acid, amino acid, squalane. But… all this is lost in the silicone. For better penetration added ethanol, but again, I don’t know what to penetrate because I like this toner did a disaster on my face. Can be sooo dry and age the skin. Because it gives instant results smoothing. Literally, you apply it and a minute later the face like an egg. However, the next morning I had a terrible podkonice.

9. Composition: shinsegaemall.ssg.com/item/itemView.ssg?itemId=1000024512186&siteNo=6004&salestrNo=6005

The emulsion is even more dense. Reminiscent of white honey. Composition it does not differ: the same components in a slightly different order. It’s heavy, together with the toner they create such silicone bends on my face. Only causes subcutaneous acne, complexion makes some tired, loose pores.
It is possible for a short effect to smear the funds on hand, but this is the first contact with water. And so, for me, the thing is completely useless.

10.Order Of Use Marine Triple Concentrate.
Price 4874р. for 150 ml on ebay
Composition: shinsegaemall.ssg.com/item/itemView.ssg?itemId=1000014780308&siteNo=6004&salestrNo=6005

Here, extracts of plankton, Niacinamide, well, anywhere without ethanol, and Dimethicone. Purely sensations is a moisturizing cream that is not absorbed. It is necessary, in fact, as the cover for the toner. By itself it is weak. Hydration is minimal, just a pleasant sensation for the face. But if applied with a toner of moisturizing series, especially with toner for normal and dry skin, due to the ethanol in the composition of the toner, inside, of course, penetrate all the useful ingredients, everything is covered with cream and in the morning I have beautiful, smooth, moisturized skin until the cleanser. This purely external effect, which just washed off then, I don’t really need. Cream that I deposits, the last time I bought as many as 150 ml I thought it was a good moisturizer because, once again, it smells good, creates a feeling of hydration and does not cause clogged pores or any other trouble. Don’t know what to do with these riches, I will try it at least on hand to spend.

11. Innisfree eco science cream.
Price 1497р. on ebay
Composition: www.cosdna.com/eng/cosmetic_8696256471.html

Declared as organic anti-aging cream with pure seaweed. I had a slight obsession with marine components, because they, allegedly, helps to soothe sensitive skin. Don’t know, I have not seen the cream that would have had such an effect. This particular cream again, from the category of “neither good nor harm”. If earlier I knew something in the squads, it would definitely not buy it because there are PROPANEDIOL and Shea butter. For combination skin it’s not that you really need. Used it almost all, just because of the fact that, firstly, it was winter time, and secondly, it does not cause rashes. The smell of the cream is not very pleasant, at the same time the smell of pine needles and fish. But it’s great mattes and another interesting feature — he is well protected from the cold and wind. Is the temperature just go up, is to use a cream impossible. Although dry skin it will be pleasant.

12. Sulwhasoo essential firming cream.
Composition: www.cosdna.com/eng/cosmetic_5fa7292856.html

I had 5 pieces of these jars, it was all freebies, so don’t take it into account. Cream with a strong herbal smell, the thick, sweet, similar to ointment. On the face I did not understand it, but in the cold it perfectly removes redness and peeling in the area of the nose wings. In part he has a lot of flower extracts: licorice, peony, Lotus, Solomon’s seal, white Lily, Romania, Dereza, Pueraria and even honey. All this has mainly antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which in use is confirmed. I’m not a fan of herbs, so often, and all his face was not used, but special claims to it not.

I have three eye cream. All useless.

13. May Coop Raw EYE COUNTOUR cream.
Price 2250р. on OZON
Composition: www.smartbeautyshop.ru/products/maycoop-raw-eye-contour?variant=34186827011#tabs-3

Somehow, this brand suddenly everywhere came out, and I didn’t know what to buy. And became the owner of a beautifully smelling and totally unnecessary banks. Except for the smell and elaborate packaging means have a great texture, but the pros on this end. With regular use, the cream tightens the under eye area. Dry even in the heat. Enhances fine lines. Makeup it slips. Gave him a chance a few times, but one conclusion would be a nice feature, it makes it worse. Where to put it I do not know, even on my hands will not smear — ‘ve tried. Probably still throw.

The next cream I had, say, the epic story, after I started to understand something.

14. Hera collagen eye-up cream.
Price 910р. 30 ml on ebay
Composition: prod.danawa.com/info/?pcode=3392679#bookmark_product_information

Of 30 sachets only six left, it is spent very economically. The manufacturer writes us that it contains 46.5% of the collagen, which will smooth wrinkles and tighten the skin. And do not care that the molecules of collagen are not able to sneak anywhere due to its size, and that the collagen synthesis can only be stimulated with such substances as retinoids, and Niacinamide, when you do not know these things, from creams to see the effect. Now tell what. On the lower eyelid I this cream is not applied, because it is not watered and generally does not affect the skin under the eyes. And I inflicted it on the upper eyelid and thought he me takes away the very thing that is commonly called “eyelid, like a rag.” Insert the gluing, I took it about a week ago, this cream hasn’t used it for more than three months.

The top photo was taken in the morning, about 9 hours, it is clear that the upper eyelid has fullness under the eyebrow, it is tight and nothing is loose, bottom photo — hours at 8 PM, nearly 10 hours, it is clear that the density was gone, as if it was swelling, and was left sagging, there were folds and the eyes in General began to appear more round. If you apply the cream in the morning and during the day to wait, what he will tighten, the effect will be. So it became clear that working here swelling and burst of liquid, not cream. Throw away because store it makes no sense.

15. Then I have a similar thing — Su:m37 Water-full Timeless Water Gel Essence Eye Lifting.
Price 800R. 30 ml on ebay
Composition: www.cosdna.com/eng/cosmetic_1dfa336878.html

Similarly, nothing on me does not, hydration is minimal enough in the summer and all. Here, by the way, a part of Denat alcohol, glycerin, and extracts, probably everything you can. Likely to dopolous them under any other cream.

16. Famous raspiareny lip mask lip LANEIGE sleeping mask.
Price 915р. on ebay
Composition: www.cosdna.com/eng/cosmetic_f890388296.html

To it I have the same claim as the previous creams for eyes. It does nothing during the day. Just a sticky film is on the lips. If it is used at night, it amplifies the effect of the inflow of moisture to the lips. It seems as though the lips on top are stretched, and the inside doesn’t have enough volume, don’t know how better to explain. In short, the feeling that they’re going to burst, but empty inside. No power and density of the tissues. Well, it is terribly sticky to gain a spatula — she also then sticky, dial with your finger, it is too sticky. So-so idea.

17. The first SPF I’ve tried — HERA Sun Mate Leports SPF50+ PA+++
The price of the 650R. 30 ml on ebay
Composition: www.cosdna.com/eng/cosmetic_6779282447.html

Mixed filters. From chemical — octinoxate(weak, only absorbs uvb), uvinul (reflects uva2 rays), tinosorb(reflects all kinds of rays). Physical — titanium dioxide, but it is worth it in the end, and in small concentrations protects only against uvb rays. For combination skin in the summer is hell. In itself it is good, does not clog pores, moisturizes even a bit (in the winter when I had dehydrated skin, he was very happy), but in the hot season it is impossible to assess these qualities, because they feel on the face butter. You can wear it in the winter, but in winter, why do I need SPF 50? Summer suits only very dry, thin, aged skin. Will try to use what I can before the expiry date, but it is not SPF dreams.

18. And the last remedy for hair Berrisom Styling Hair Setting Cara.
Price 458р. on ebay
Composition: ilang.ru/product199353.html?ymclid=390689738628008199500006&frommarket=https://market.yandex.ru/product–berrisom-sredstvo-dlia-ukladki-volos-styling-hair-setting-cara/1953947455

Bought for priglazhivanija protruding hairs grow back, usually I get on top. Very long-playing thing, like a mascara, with a slightly curved brush. By the way, this curved tip is not to say that helps, even a hindrance when applying remedies, because it cling to the hair. Fixation is weak, I have kept 2 hours, then all new. Honestly, you can do a wax on water-based, but then have to wash my hands, and this mascara is easy to carry and periodically comb your antenna.

This is all that I have accumulated over 2 years of use Korean cosmetics, without which I would have lived quietly, but we assume that 17 893р is a fee for the experience. Mastering skin care, it may seem that there will be no mistakes, but I still make them, albeit in much smaller amounts

If you have the same non-working outsiders to care for — write. Maybe you will feel better like me

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