Highlighter Pro apieu (compared to the MAC Soft and Gentle)

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I have a long time in the beautician had only two dry highlighter — MAC is very popular and very daily NYX. The second I had finished, and there was only one, so handle itching to buy a new one.

Some criteria for purchase, I was not (except that no metal Cosmo-lights), so I decided to dig in the Korean market and bought the highlighter almost at random. In the end I opted for apieu Designing Pro Highlighter in the shade Sunlit Floor.

This setor has a beige shade with a Golden glow.

This means, to some extent, the Cretaceous base, and on the skin is only Shine, not color. That is why it has some nuances of the application. If you find the right brush, you can achieve a wonderful effect.

Apieu Designing PRO Highlighter in sunlightapieu Designing PRO Highlighter in sunlight apieu Designing PRO Highlighter with fluorescent diffused lighting

Radiance is homogeneous, non-metallic, but quite noticeable.

So… back to the drawing:

this tool has the ability to dust, and dusts it with shimmering particles. SO I would not recommend to use a fan brush, otherwise it will spread these particles around the face and create a not very nice grainy effect. You should use a more dense brush praskaloto for more accurate and vivid application. For a more striking effect can be applied either on wet basis (for example, I put on a shining base on top of Becca Foundation) or you can just sprinkle a little brush thermally or spray for makeup (this option is more risky).

Well, and, of course, I would like to compare this with the star highlighter MAC Mineralize skinfinish in shade Soft and Gentle.

And I tell you they are veeeery similar in effect, the number of shimmering particles, the intensity of the lights. The difference only in hue, MAC more pink and still a little better rubbed into the skin due to the fact that the Foundation of the MAC less chalky or what… but again, this chalk from apieu not visible on the skin.

Here are syski, I was satisfied with the purchase, though at first I was surprised this flying lights. But the government found, and now I enjoy using this highlighter apieu.

Rating: 5

Period of use: several months

Price: 10 $

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