Hourglass Amethyst from the Sahara Crystal for deft hands

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Good day!

Today I want to talk about the color of an Amethyst of the old Sahara Crystal collection from Dance Legend. Color my autumn – purple, purple I change one to another and don’t want anything else, I’ve already talked about the very successful Euphoria, and a cute, little space Kiko. Today we will talk about is not less attractive, but rather whimsical tone.

So Dance Legend β„– 16 Amethyst.

In my opinion one of the most attractive in the collection “Sahara Crystal”.

The texture of the sand, the color of the base rich purple with a cool undertone, sand particles are very small, to see what they shade difficult.

On the nails it turns out quite dark coating, numerous glitter-streaked pink and purple. Some Swatch see a hint of Burgundy color, my copy did not notice, perhaps in different batches at different batches.

The varnish is very thick even for sand, and I’m having difficulty with the application, and perhaps the more dexterous girls are placed in one thick layer, I usually need two, on the ground there are bald spots, the second layer corrects the situation, but the boundaries of the application visible.

Lacquer dries very fast, in 7-10 minutes you can already go about their business without fear of damage coverage if you have a deft hand and you put the Amethyst in a single layer will dry faster.

Brush is quite ordinary, comfortable, despite the texture of paint. Amethyst wear without a base, the paint does not stain the nails. Seen experiments with a coating of lacquer top, but such experiments have been conducted. Durability, unfortunately, is rather weak, about one day in good condition, and in the evening of the second is already overwritten the ends and appear chipped. It’s pretty mediocre durability for me, I used that paint quite wearable for three days.

Removed as many other Sands, long and tedious, so use foil. Of the remaining sequin hand laundered without a problem.

For me Amethyst is largely Polish for an event, for everyday wear I choose lucky more persistent. But despite the difficulties, the paint I absolutely love, and hand from time to time reaches for the bottle πŸ€—

Cost about 300 rubles volume of 15 ml.

My rating – 4.

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