I have two..serum with Niacinamide. One good, the other bad. With what to begin?

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The benefits of Niacinamide have probably all they know. So I will not repeat. But in case you missed, here, for example, Lalila and everything is super described in detail (thanks to her huge).

And I want to share with you the experience of using two popular serums with Niacinamide.

Briefly about my skin: oily, oily T-zone, enlarged pores, have acne, the first age-related changes.

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%, The Ordinary, Deciem

One of the most popular serums with Niacinamide. Was ripped I bought at the peak of popularity. Indeed, the web on it a lot of praise, and to confess, I gave in and grabbed, and not just bought the bottle, and Zatar for the future)

The manufacturer promises a reduction of inflammation, cleansing of pores, reducing Shine and overall healthy beautiful skin.

The packaging is very pretty. Such a nice minimalism, all quality… good design, good cardboard, nice glass bottle. All very pleasant to the touch.

Volume: 30ml.

The small, all over the case. The amide, as indicated by the manufacturer, then 10%. As a nice bonus — a Zinc 1%.

The consistency is liquid, gel, almost transparent. Applied to the skin is quite comfortable, but quickly grasped a bit of skin (like all gel), it leaves this effect for a while. And my feeling still leaves behind a feeling of stickiness. By the way, this gel texture dries up with time and going for the neck, which is problematic to Unscrew the cap.

Neutral odour, reminiscent of yeast.

And now about the effect.

Most often I used this serum in the morning (rarely at night), after the tonic, under the moisturizer, then makeup. No conflict had arisen, nothing is pushed.

Knowing that Niacinamide is a friend of the long lasting, instant wow results I was not expecting. And alas, it never came. Patiently used about a month and watched. First I noticed that the black spots became larger, began to appear closed comedones (which I got rid of years!), that is, the serum filled my pores. Of course, to believe that a celebrity behaves, I refused. But my care was unchanged, adding only this serum. For the sake of experiment I moved it a couple of weeks, the leather was restored, and given a second chance. But the same thing happened. Moreover, I noticed that it emphasized pores, ugly “lies” on the skin. Apparently, this color fits my skin does not fit.

No more effects I haven’t seen anything that was promised, no effect on the Shine, acne, no lights. Just nothing. Some how I finished up one bottle, put in a day on different tonics without tonic, for different skin morning, night, on the growing moon, and concluded that more I will not repeat it for anything. It is worth noting that I still have products from The Ordinary, and they are all ambiguous to me, for the most part do nothing. I don’t know… maybe something with me not so, but The Ordinary part of my list of disappointments of the year.

— nice design
— affordable price
— clog pores
— does not fulfill the manufacturer’s promises

Price: about 500 rubles.

Use life: more than 2 months.

Rating: 2

InstaNatural, Niacinamide Serum

This serum is also quite popular, but not so sure as the previous one.

Similar packaging, cardboard box, glass bottle, eyedropper. But the volume in 2 times more — 60ml. Plus the bottle itself was originally packaged in a film that is a trifle, but nice.

The manufacturer promises lightening post-acne and pigmentation, clearing, and restoration of the skin and overall healthy skin.

The structure here is much richer. But, unlike Ordinary percentage of Niacinamide is not specified, is in second place.

The consistency of liquid lotion, very light, white in color. But man, the smell of some herbs. Applied to the skin very comfortable, absorbs quickly, doesn’t leave behind any unpleasant experiences, stickiness, film, etc. I read in various reviews that some conflicts with the subsequent care and makeup rolls. But I’m not experienced with this. My skin in seconds eats this serum, leaving no trace of my further care friendly (but I don’t use BB/CC creams). Can pinch, if there is any inflammation.

Like the previous serum I use in the morning, tonic, cover with cream. Sometimes the same pattern I use for the night. No problems used it in the winter and summer.

I this is the second bottle, I really like how this serum affects my skin. Besides the fact that it smooths out the pores slightly mattifies, reduces the appearance of post-acne, it evens the total skin tone, moisturizes. With it my skin really “glows”, acquiring a sort of gloss, creating the effect of relaxed face. Plus it does not clog pores, skin clean and healthy.

Definitely will continue to use it and advise you to look at.

— nice design
— affordable price
— smoothes pores
— does not clog pores
— improves overall skin condition — hard to find offline

Price: about $ 1,000.

Term of use: more than a year.

Rating: 5

Conclusion. Recently, the network was talking about the potential disappearance of The Ordinary, and many were very upset and worried, how to live) So I’m not worried, my expectations of their products at the moment is not justified, and I know that analogs exist, and not just replacements, but very decent ones. And if you are also known, share)

Thank you for your attention!

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