I’m so in love with him, for 3 years, never changed. Concealer Maybelline NY Affinitone “Perfect tone” in shades 16, 17, and 42

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Do you have cosmetics that you buy for the second year in a row, and not going to change them to something else?

I have, Yes. The choice of Foundation, I always come up with all the demands. Despite the fact that my skin, fortunately, cannot be called problem — of the disadvantages are only the bruises under his eyes, and hated my spots, I need to tone base frosted skin tight.

About the Foundation “Affinitone Perfect tone” I know for a long time. Well, as you know — a couple of years n-eleven is back with all the familiar tube was full the entire female gloss. But the first time I bought it three years ago, and since then He is the permanent “resident” of my cosmetics. No, of course I continue to try other toners but I always come back to your pet.

Just palette 12 shades, so everyone will be able to choose the perfect color for your skin tone. I use it all year round, so I use three shades — #16 in the winter, when the tan disappears, #17 — spring and autumn, “transitional periods,” and #42 — summer.

Design: tube with screw cap. Dispenser as such, there is a small hole. And all anything, but due to too liquid consistency of tone is literally so for me personally this is a downside — you want to extract from the bowels of the drop tube tone and get a full “dose”.


Covering all three of my existing shades exactly the same, so I will not describe in detail each separately. They are all similar in texture and characteristics.

Consistency: as I wrote above, is very fluid. The texture is watery, the distribution of the skin immediately sets and begins to harden.

The finish, despite the lack of “silicon” texture, slightly damp, while there is a slight feeling of powder on the skin. Apply Foundation best Pat — so the coating will be more uniform and dense.

Another minus — if there is peeling, the Foundation will emphasize. But still, for me, it’s a little dry, so more suitable for owners of greasy skin type.

However, he well adapts to the skin tone, and even if you slightly missed the shade, the transition will not be noticeable. Of course, this applies only to differences in one and a half tones.


Durability: for me tone lasts about 8 hours, after which gradually begin to appear bruises under eyes. But for the price, I think the durability is very good.

Withdrawal: the tone is slightly absorbed into the skin, so a cleansing facial wash will not be enough — I use for removing micellar water Garnier.


And now, in fact, result. Skin “to” at the moment, relatively clean, only flaws spots, uneven tone and dark circles under the eyes.

“After” — hidden 98% of the spots on the skin is visually transformed, tone completely flat. This is exactly the result I wanted.

And macro for visual comparison:


Overall impression: with the exception of some flaws, Maybelline Affinitone you are to me. This is the Foundation to which I will return again and again.

Price: 350-400 rubles.

Rating: 5

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