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Died down autumn InterCHARM. Rapidly, loud, curious…

Ready to share experiences and some thoughts.

Love InterCHARM, come in regularly, especially at the autumn fair, which is traditionally higher in spring.

This InterCHARM was a jubilee that spun additionally.

I want to note that the organization of the exhibition (and in the pavilions, and the whole online training) gets better every time.

Those who attended in advance, can buy tickets online for 500 rubles approximately. In the days of the exhibition in the ticket office tickets cost 950 rubles But it was profitable with the intention to buy something at the show. As usual, many companies sell their products with unprecedented discounts.

Returning to the work of organizator. I am often asked how I find out about a brand. Yes, that and know — study online catalog of InterCHARM. And all the advice.

In addition to the directory, on the exhibition website you can find a treasured button “Award “My cosmetics”” with nominees from the Russian segment of cosmetics in different categories. Once I found there favorite “blue” series of Myrrh. This year saw the men’s line Femegyl, who is now my husband enjoys. 🙂

The exhibition this time was a little strange, there was a sense of changing trends.

Share experiences, not even claiming for the full story. The volume of brands represented was huge 🙂

First and foremost I want to note the activity in the space La Niche, which oversaw the Perfume Club “ParRus”.

In this space was an exhibition of the Russian niche of authors, many of whom we have heard before. It was very nice to meet again 🙂

Olga Gosina Osmogenes, Valery Nesterov, Ioannina Yakusheva

Irina Vaganova Perfume Fashion House, Catherine Siordia Siordia, Elena Snegireva Alchimia Parfum

Also, our perfumers conducted presentations and master classes

Irina Vaganova, Elina Arsenyeva Art Deco Parfum, Sergei Cars Edgardio Chilini.

Irina told about the stylistic subtleties of perfumes and the secrets of the resistance.

Sergey shared his observations on how different flavors accentuate, or compensate for different traits, and people with some character what flavors to choose. Waiting for the article, very interesting material.

In General, different presentations and lectures on space La Niche was virtually non-stop.

Not far behind, and adjacent stands, the monster niche perfume distribution Exility Group held a presentation of new Cale aroma Sottosopra, presented by the author Silvio levy.

On the market for a new niche brand Urban Scents with a human-centred concept, these fragrances can be worn, they are deep, uncluttered, comfortable, beautiful. I will write about it separately, but just liked it very much.

Miller Harris presented new, liked it a lot. In General, the brand recognisably British.

On the photo:

Natalie urban, the owner and perfumer of the brand Urban Scents.

Exposition Of Miller Harris

Silvio levy will be presenting its new Location.

Perfume the exhibit, distributors brought a lot of niches, you could buy at loyal prices.

New brand rush to our market in the segment of cheap perfume, the spread is huge…

In the category ‘s skin care was also many a curious.

Struck by the abundance of Polish brands, storming our market. Allocated to them the section marked all the stands of the Polish “Polska”, and in all the halls of these stands enough. The poles have brought all: skin cosmetics in different price and conceptual categories, household chemicals, lacquers, paint and care for hair, cosmetics.

Ready, girls, soon Polish cosmetics will flood our market.

Many traditional Korean brands, many provided distributors (i.e. stamps are sold on the domestic market), and many brands come to the exhibition to seek cooperation, so Koreans we will have even more.

Plenty of Chinese brands at this time. They powerfully delivered in category of beauty equipment of different scale, brought a lot of packaging, gadgets and gels.

Among the major European brands and our Russian — all familiar, nothing new…

But the categories have changed.

I thought subsided interest oragnic. Consumers have little security in cosmetics, they want efficiency. And the market reacts.

I noted more offers from high-tech brands.

The main focus of the brands are doing on peptides, placenta and individual genetically verified anti-aging cosmetics.

At last there were less than five sentences, but very pretentious, one of them from the poles, by the way. In principle, this is not fabulous money. Snachala take a DNA test, which costs 200 euros, and then make the serum for 12,000 rubles, which need to use three months of the year — and you fresh and young as a cucumber…

In addition to peptides and placenta that our producers have long been generously offered, our own brand began to adopt the traditional Asian assets. Saw the peelings on lactobionic acid, galactose the brand Alpika, pleasantly surprised.

Also pleasantly surprised, seeing for the first time at the InterCHARM exhibition forbici Freedom.

At the entrance to hall 13 (actually the beginning of the show) was a large stand of Moscow Government (and there were always some talks with the officials), and the corners of this stand were a little exposure of the Moscow manufacturers of cosmetics, in particular Sobody.

The factory anniversary, 175 (!!!!!) years. They released a gift series of stylized vintage. Packaging glued by hand, the circulation is small, presented in seven retail stores and online shop, which happens to be have brand.

A little series of flowers of the Empress. Very stylish, the packaging is clearly a secondary use as caskets

The last photo of the updated version of the legendary cream. For oily and Combi skin very even, and dry again they put mineralnoe oil in the first egnach composition.

I want to mention. It turned out zatestit on the hand of their bb cream, the texture and behavior on the skin very much, is plastic, with a velvet finish, thin pigment. If the person will not oxidize, all super. Mineral oil in the composition is not, and for such money it is possible to try.

Another interesting information that even inert giant of Freedom has moved. In February, the factory produces a fully updated version of the anti-aging series Diamond. There will be different peptides (muscle relaxants, matricine), argilerine and is still something of a newfangled assets.

The overall feeling is that the factory had some sort of a coup and the reversal in the direction of the market 🙂 for Us to enjoy.

Here’s a little more “vintage” Liberty, pictures for a future review 🙂

In the category of neylservis was a little varnish, but a huge number of gels and acrylic.

It was not our monsters Masura and El Corazon. From a relatively new, rapidly turned Kapous, and very aggressive new brand made by — E. Mi

There were very few brands in the category care for the hair and styling is just half the room. And as usual there was loud music, to be was difficult.

Here are fugitive impressions. More details and photos on my Insta.

But all in all very festive, interesting. A lot of acquaintances, some mining, which is now just before the next exhibition will be writing 🙂

And Yes, the next InterCHARM will go again 🙂 I Know, it’s like New year, only cosmetic 🙂

Girls who were what you saw/bought, what are your impressions? 🙂

Thank you for your attention to my review!

I’m Vera 🙂

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