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For about a year I am a fan of Russian stamps Cleon — I have had several episodes of facial, planned a series of hair also use hydrolate and means of make-up remover. The three primary means of purification will tell, the good time came. A little bit more and I’ll finish it.

These tools I bought for myself and have no regrets. However, it turned out they were all different.

A few years ago I switched to method the contour+soft washing, previously practiced hard the can. My makeup is usually simple — mascara, eyeliner and eyebrows, sometimes sculptor and blush. I think, in beauty terms, it was one of the most important decisions. Correct.

All three came together, I started to use them together at once. Sending, as always, everything is Packed

In the tests for purity will involve the following tools — not to philosophize, that I used in November every or almost every day. Red lip balm Essens, mascara l’oreal pencil-fondant eyebrow Essence, the liner is also Essential, lipstick Clinics, which participates in PP this year and longlasting lipstick NYX.

1) Kleona Anti-age make-up remover eye Cleansing and care No. of 0.2 pH5.5.

Bank dark plastic dispenser with a long spout and interesting cap-limiter on it (I store was very convenient). Milk white liquid, slightly yellowish, a bit cheesy, it smells like fresh paper, non-greasy and gentle enough for effects. A few taps on the dispenser between the two disks — I can easily squeeze them for a few seconds and then applied to the eyes, hold a few seconds, then gently wipe, and then eyebrows. Sometimes, if a little more makeup than usual — again. In General, the purification of makeup is enough for me and my skin like. Never liked such tools — format milk, always I came across some fat, and this was a love, and specifically milk I have left less — about 1/3 of the bottle.

Price: 440 roubles

Volume: 150 ml

Use: from 01.10.

2) Kleona Anti-age emulsion two-phase makeup remover Cleansing and comfort number of 0.3.

This tool is also dearly loved and left it about a third of the bottle. Matte dark plastic (same on clearance all clear — how many are left, and phase separation). The rotatable cover disc, which is somewhat inconvenient. No, the oil phase it releases, but lock when a little tool sprays and leaves on the edges — I tied a tie of porous paper on the bottle and wipe the neck after each use. Here the problem is not in the tool, and cover — have never seen a friendship like this cover and products that contain oil. But it’s a question of aesthetics — the bottle drops, the oil is not flowing, and the bottle can be sealed — when you press it’s easy to check. Tool transparent, oily, has a weak herbaceous smell, cleans — his work has no issues, it’s beautiful. Use as well as milk — shake for mixing phases, but the middle two CDs, compress for a moment and then everyone put on the eye, easy to squeeze for a few seconds, then just as easily wipe the makeup done and eyebrows makeup, as usual. If the makeover was more complicated — sometimes you need to repeat the steps, but this is rarely necessary. Usually clears everything quickly and without problems. This dwuhfazno and jelly try to keep on the windowsill, where cooler or around it -then, when applied to the eyelids, feeling a pleasant chill that after the working day very helpful.

Cost: RUB 420

Volume: 200 ml.

Use: from 01.10.

3) Kleona Anti-aging Hydrophilic oil cleanser and makeup remover No. of 0.4.

Hydrophilic oil in the same dark plastic with a comfortable “big-nosed” spout and stopper-cover. A drop by! Oil oily transparent fluid with a slight herbal aroma. To use just apply to dry skin, massaging, leave for a few seconds and wash off. Get a clean, but slightly oily skin. The second stage is the washroom, without which one of my evening, this fat will be removed. For dry and normal skin can be applied on wet skin, and oily — that’s how I dry. This product I have the least in Vogue — used about a third of the banks. For every use I need about couple of taps. Either because it is stored in the bathroom or because I’m bold to use it, but before his hands reach the last. I don’t know why — it means no questions, it is quite comfortable and pleasant to use. Especially in high esteem with the onset of cold weather, when I want a little more softness, warmth, comfort, enveloping textures fatter, but is consumed more slowly. However, this place is perfect in the cold with him will feel most comfortable.

Price: 440 roubles

Volume: 150 ml

Use: from 01.10.

I’m glad I decided to buy funds, even if it wasn’t buying blind — I was already familiar with the brand and read the reviews, however, a mild cleansing is always needed. Unbelievable that I girnicha, went for soft make-up removal and subsequent soft cleansing foams — I thought so all my life, and I will sit on the hard I can make. However I was able. And it’s much better for the skin. Specifically, these three tools are very good — I will repeat them. I use them only as directed, any Swatch and I wash like normal Michelangeli, which I’ll tell you later — there are also its stars, as it turned out.

In General, all three recommend with a pure heart. They do their job.

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