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If you remember, I imbued with respect to the brand of Cleon from last my first two series — Anti-age and series for problematic skin, which was used in the summer. Turn came to try the sea buckthorn — I have long thought about it, but it made sense to wait for the cold weather. Today about it and tell.

Sea buckthorn series is good for the winter and the offseason, the composition of natural components and all kinds of utility, based on sea buckthorn oil is cold pressed. When you are finished with your remnants of summer, I started “sea-buckthorn”. Everything came tightly and securely opakowanie.

1) Kleona Gel cleanser sea Buckthorn for all skin types

If otherwise, I don’t doubt that about the gel, I think — to take or not. In the end, outweighed the idea that the Marche can be good — they are all soft working and using them is a pleasure. Even a single puncture I had, as a make-up remover (I bought three different from the Anti-age).

The vial of thick plastic with secure lid and a good dispenser. The gel is transparent, high density and weak grass and floral aroma.

I use the gel the second stage of purification — after macellari/dogfancy/milk/hydrophilic oil (one of, not all at once of course). And he knows his stuff — yet I never came out of the bathroom with insufficiently treated skin. However, it works well solo three times I tried to wash off makeup completely, without the use of other means. And here it works as it should — the test drive with the subsequent care is excellent. Good — can recommend. Cleans without overdrying. Quite economical for a month, it took me no more than half of the bottle.

Volume: 100 ml.

Cost: 340 rubles.

Use: from 01.10.

Next should be a tonic, but in this series it does not. I hope that this is temporary and mark will create the missing link in the chain of care, especially because the experience of the previous series, I can say that Marche tonics also work out well — I had two and both are fine. Because the tonic is not here, and this stage I personally need, I bought six hydrolat and use them alternating. Over a month of use I was hooked, I liked it.

2) Kleona Serum bioactive sea Buckthorn for all skin types (except sensitive) 25+.

Glass bottle without the box. On the label the composition, instructions and a brief annotation. Another was a leaflet — there is the same. I photographed it — it is easier to read. To me the serum arrived a little hyped and streaks, and then the process is also spun, although I each time it was closed. Don’t know what the problem is, I think that the supplier of packaging blunder. However, employment of the serum is not affected. The dispenser is convenient (on top of it reliable cover) — I need two taps on your entire face. The serum has the consistency of a light gel, you may go on phase (transparent gel oily and orange), if the day do not touch — before use I shake. Apply, distribute, absorbs it very quickly. The face immediately looks better. The serum helps to disappear the scars, to heal minor damage, smoothed the redness. A very good serum. Use with visible pleasure. Quite economical — 25 my ml I had for a month and another 2-3 days left. Excellent product, made to last. I tried to be happy and others.

Cost: RUB 435 This year the novelty.

Volume: 25 ml.

Use: from 01.10.

3) Kleona Night cream a bioactive sea Buckthorn.

Night cream came in a cardboard box with a detailed user manual and in the dark glass. Convenient dispenser (requires 2 taps on the face), cover. Yellowish cream with a citrus scent, for all its seeming lightness it is quite nutritious. As already podsushennouu after serum skin and it still requires some time to absorb. Sometimes, while he distributed and absorbed, do a light massage with fingertips. Not to say that the cream is dense but he is “wrapping”, like not fat, but behaves like a fat. Apparently this oils so manifest themselves. I was afraid at first that the cream will be difficult but in fact it turned out that no problems with it. In cold time it is a very good nourishing cream it evens the complexion, brings skin into decent condition, per night and does not clog my pores, skin is in good condition. Especially felt the care of cream on cold days, when it was minus and windy, the cream is very quickly restored the skin. Of course, he is not so familiar to me — I prefer lighter textures, but even in winter I need something more explicit and this cream was a good fit. To use it — a pleasure. Now I’ve used up half the bottle (it’s also economical, normally 50 ml is enough for me 1-1,5 months, and then two will suffice), the second will finish by new year or shortly afterwards. Cream is ideal for the winter.

Cost: 620 RUB.

Volume: 50 ml.

Use: from 01.10.

4) Kleona Daytime face cream sea Buckthorn bioactive.

Packaging of a day cream the same night — the same cardboard packaging and the dark glass, detailed instructions, Sabatino nested in the box. White and slightly yellow cream with the lightest citrus-herbal scent. Day much easier night, absorbed in a few minutes. Apply in the morning while going to work, I put on oily and combination. While the eye cream is absorbed and I get out of the house is not with oily skin (for this reason I literally forced myself earlier to use a day cream in winter, and in summer managed at all without it). This is not such a problem. However, if you apply blush, for example, it is necessary to dry even better, but this time I’m gone. Therefore, the choice in the direction of cream rather than the blush. I like that in addition to good hydration, the cream really evens out skin tone — even if I fail liquidated the contents then, in the morning, by the time of arrival at work of red spots will be gone. Same thing with my uneven complexion, redness, more or less, but it smoothed out (run up the stairs and clear spot cream by itself will not do, so climb quietly). As for the pigmentation — I can’t say anything, it is only visible in the photographs, and in winter freckles and did hide until spring. In General, the combination of factors the cream is successful — and absorbed, as mentioned before, quick, and work is done. At the moment, spent about 2/5, i.e. for another month and a half of cream will be enough. And there again, either to accustom themselves to the new, or to repeat this — time will tell, but so far I’m satisfied.

Cost: 640 RUB.

Volume: 50 ml.

Use: from 01.10.

5) Kleona facial Mask bio-active sea Buckthorn.

The mask arrived just in a cardboard box with instruction and composition, packaged in plastic and in foil under the lid. Cheerful yellow the color of the mask is very good. In ordinary time is separated into phase — creamy quietly red and bright oil. Before use, I mix them and then dip the tips of the fingers, paint over (mask use only I I the fingers). I read that the mask can be used every day (after 35 years), I decided that if I’m going to use this product, it must be good — in fact, I strongly stuck, so a month with her in an embrace. The mask is applied to cleansed skin, after some time wash. I’ve done it several times, the mask works perfectly well — it nourishes the skin, enlivens it and makes a visually and tactilely pleasant. But I also liked the way “not according to instructions”. I did not call to do so, but to tell you what I liked. I used this mask as a night. Applied after the cream, when it was absorbed by 90% thin-a thin layer all over the face (touch the surface of the mask with the fingertips lightly, then shifted to the face). Waited until absorbed for about 15-20 minutes before bedtime, the remains were promotive cloth (and sometimes not, if the layers are thin and already soaked) and went to sleep. I did so about 6 times a week. And, you know, the skin became better. In General, I’ve managed to continue to maintain in a state of “no pimples” to the beginning of certain days. The skin does not become oily faster, new inflammation is almost not there (if the skin anything, even the slightest component doesn’t like, she always responds with pimples, and everything is smooth), even the pores were in good condition, I didn’t clean them often or more, the skin smooth and soft. don’t know merit if it masks or complex possible care, but with the skin t-t-t was all good up to a point. I now again bring it in order and success is gradually reached (or returned if correct to say). A couple of days and everything will return back.

Cost: 560 RUB.

Volume: 75 ml.

Use: from 01.10.

6) Kleona cream for the skin around the eyes sea Buckthorn.

Eye cream for me has always been a product of one of those “for show”. In the same year with the change of work, I realized that I really needed — fatigue and lying shadows under her eyes, no one will adorn. Therefore, the eye cream from sea buckthorn series was very handy. Again cardboard packaging with instructions, the cream is in a dark glass, a good spout and lid. The bottle is quite small, but to carry it comfortably. The yellowish cream is lightweight and nearly odorless (some subtle pharmacy), absorbs quickly. Apply gently, with an awkward movement you can get into the eyes, and the cream tingling (not criminal, but all). The consumption is very small — tiny peas is enough for two eyes. The amount that switche — times three. I push the dispenser to the end — enough for me. At first I squeezed too much now, got used to do it in one motion — about one-third of the stroke of the dispenser. The cream moisturizes, removes signs of fatigue, helps with fine wrinkles. Only use the night cream at least and absorbs quickly, but a little fat remains. The efficiency is such that at the moment I only used about 2.5 ml (one bottle, 15 ml, I only reached half, and cream in there 10) and taking into account the fact that at first I was squeezed. I will continue to use in the winter should be sufficient. If the cream is helping very well. If you finish quickly — I want to do it while cold, try the cream and serum by a series of Anti-aging, but this is how it goes. I can quite well exist with it. The patches in the morning, night cream and the view is quite another.

Price: 470 RUB.

Volume: 10 ml.

Use: from 01.10.

Conclusion. The series came to me, for me, highly allergic skin prone to inflammation, redness and in General heterogeneous (while using something leveling — normally as soon as throw — back color mosaic) it was on a cold time right find. However, I am willing to sing the praises of the Marche is not just so, because banks has arrived. I bought, like I said, six hydrolat and three tools make-up remover — all happy (will explain later) and plan to buy tonic Anti age again, two century and two hydrolate — branded my skin is friends. What is particularly nice — Cleon does not test its products on animals and unlike some others, indicates the composition completely, and also makes detailed instructions and answers questions on the website. Cleon inspires confidence and it is my pleasure that such brands appear here. I hope to release new and interesting products.

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