Lacquer Smith&Cult in the shade “the Bitter truth”

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For a long time”.” no posts lacquer Smith&Cult. Only once flashed a brief news associated with the emergence of the brand in Russia. This spring in one of the comments to his post about the other cosmetics I promised to show some of their instances. While I gathered switchme thoughts, beautiful Nakshatra ahead of me, which I was immensely glad, because varnishes are very good and unfairly ignore them from the lovers of nail Polish.

Your attention — the lacquer in the shade Bitter Buddhist, in the official translation into Russian the name sounds like “Bitter truth”.

The concept of the brand assumes that each of the names printed on the vial, reflecting a period or situation of a girl’s life. So, in my mini-collection has the lucky “Temptation”, “My sweetie,” “Bitter truth” and “Stockholm syndrome”. I chose the bubbles I don’t by name, but it turned out this kind of relationship, from Dating to breakup.

Bubbles the sweetest design: the bottles are like little selective perfumes, gold plated cap and deliberately wrinkled. According to the manufacturers of the brand, the idea with the battered cap came to them suddenly, and the “right” bruising they sought, alternately throwing the lid onto the concrete floor. Only when the form of dings they liked, it went into production.

Under the hood — standard version with screw cap.

Color for my taste, even with the current diversity is very original: grey-blue with a light note of herbs. The balance is so good that to highlight any of these three shades as a dominant is very difficult.

Texture — flexible cream.

The brush is a bit short and may seem awkward at first.. But then you get used to, and work it with no problems. The width of the brush is the best option between a wide spatula Dior and delicate “what-nots” Chanel.

The varnish on the density of medium consistency, for the year thickens, not lost the original TX.

When paint behaves well: it arrived not run into cuticles, not plesivec. But any cream you want 2 layers.

What distinguishes lucky Smith&Cult from the brothers in the shop — so it’s great durability. My average is 7 days in perfect condition. Some colors up to 8 days! Again, this is not to state the lacquer is peeling, must be removed. This is without blemishes, chips and scuffs.

The manufacturer claims them as gentle to the nails, with the formula 8Free.

Color off-season, looks good in the summer, alluding to the Maritime theme. Appropriate drab autumn and frosty winter, echoing the rain or frost.

Well removed any IDSL, nails does not spoil, does not stain.

Lacquer is by far my favorite, all travel and holiday (when the resistance is important, and the ability to update the minimum) are held only by him.

Also like to use this nail Polish as accent nails. Due to their shade is pleasant a couple of a lot of my polishes.

Along with “the Bitter truth” has been used lucky Bar Dior, YSL Blanc Symboliste, top on the little finger of OPI Pirouette my whistle

Unequivocally and unreservedly recommend lucky Smith&Cult all concerned to design a good TX.

— good TX
— resistance
— gentle formula
— a nice palette of shades
— the original names and the history behind each of them brush may seem a bit short
— few points of sales in Russia

1700 — 1900₽цена10/10оценка12 months, 2P/metallomesogenturns shades: “the Bitter truth”, “Temptation”, “Stockholm syndrome”, “My darling”

Have you heard about these varnishes? Was the experience? I would be glad if you share their impressions of the brand.

Grateful for your attention!


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