Limoni Set Gift Set (Mascara Nero + ultra-hydrating Cream for eyelids with hyaluronic acid)

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(Even so small) is always interesting.

Limoni Set Gift Set (Mascara Nero + ultra-hydrating Cream for eyelids with hyaluronic acid)

Inside no intrigue: the mascara and the cream is fully consistent with the picture on the box. In the design of the packaging and cream prevails noble light turquoise color.

Variations of these sets are many: usually included are mascara + cream eyeshadow (different types of leather with different effect), or ink + liquid makeup remover. Due to this diversity, to find their “pair” is not difficult.

Limoni Cream eyeshadow ultra-hydrating Hyaluronic Eye Cream

The first thing I saw cream for the skin around the eyes. The description was very attractive, and about Limoni I have not heard anything bad. In General, if the time is not tempted by a set, would I now have full cream. Here are the miniature (15 ml versus 30) that is spent economically and, more importantly, allows you to make the right impression about the cream.

Despite the relatively young age (21), with the skin of the eyelids I have a lot of problems. She is very sensitive, prone to dryness and irritation. Care is always necessary: morning and evening. From cream I want hydration (the idea is long-term, cumulative effect) and mild exposure (without irritation and other negative reactions).

In addition to my own expectations, the manufacturer also suggests that the cream should provide a triple effect: lifting, moisturizing and improving skin elasticity. And it can reduce wrinkles (I wonder how?) and bags under the eyes. Ah, the price would be nice..

My face is a standard packaging in the form of a small tube with a convenient plastic spout. Enough light pressure in order to get the desired amount.

The texture is something between gel and cream. Gel cream, sorry for a stupid joke.

Absorbs pretty quickly, even if you apply a thick layer (as I often do in the evening). The durability of eye makeup does not affect. We can say that the fragrance of the cream is missing, which is a definite plus for sensitive eyes.

Of the cream I was expecting more.Much blame him not, because he’s not hurt, and even somewhat helped, but the wonders did not commit. Ultra-hydrating it can not be called (although the manufacturer was able). Hyaluronic acid is located at the end of the composition, but in General, despite its impressive volume, there are also other useful (or not) ingredients. However, I’m not a master of parsing such lists, so will not say anything.

The result is:

1) Pretty mediocre moisturizing dry and sensitive skin.

2) it is very gentle on irritated areas age + no fragrance

3) Good makeup base

If you are not very capricious skin around the eyes and only requires regular moisture, then it is likely that this cream will suit you. In those cases, when my skin is all happy, this cream goes well but now winter is cold, lonely house , so I would like a more powerful support in terms of care.


Term of use: about 2 months

Rating: 4

Limoni Mascara Mascara Nero

Or the story about why it is better not to be lazy and immediately capture the makeup.

When unknown to me obstoyatelstvah the plastic was already scratched in various places, and letters he decided to leave his place.

Sometimes I think just hold your finger on the silver words and figures, to make them disappear.

Normal and privacy many silicone brush. In life (compared to image) the bristles were shorter.

Mascara super volume and lengthening. Let’s see.

My lashes without:

Mascara in 1 layer on the left. Let me remind you that the manufacturer advises to apply it in 2-3 layers.

Mascara in 1 layer in both eyes:

Mascara in 2 coats on both eyes. By the way, the right eye I have always stained worse than the left.

And, perhaps, the 3rd layer is not needed.

And again a little past. I love lush and voluminous lashes, so I try to avoid the natural effect. While mascara creates lashes neatly underlined. With all this, I loved the brush: it doesn’t stick my eyelashes growing randomly, but rather separates and combs them, creating a favorite of many the effect of “eyelash to eyelash”. Can’t remember if I had ever mascara with a similar impact.

Definitely mascara, applied in 2 coats, highlight the eyes, but no trouble has not done: the denser the layer, the more shedding. And dry she began quickly, although it was only 2 months of use.

Again, I suggest this mascara for those who like a neat and natural look. A thin layer does not crumble, and therefore do not cause any complaints for this reason.

Term of use: about 2 months

Rating: 4

The kit price is about 600 rubles

Sincerely, Maria

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