Lipstick eyebrow Top Brow in Taupe shade from Kiss New York Professional

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Oh, that feeling of the first experience previously unknown to you brand of cosmetics. Coming to stand and “Op!” — woke up half an hour later and all hands in Swatch. Of course, in such cases there are a pack of wet wipes, but it’s not that erased all reluctant, and discounts lured to carry to the checkout all you wanted, talking about what really hooked me at first sight, namely, lipstick eyebrow.

Recently eyebrows design fully rests on the shoulders of the mosaic of shadows, where THE SAME (Oh, how many times in your life already it is said) a gray-brown hue. But in fairness I often overdo it with intensity and got a very dark, cold shade that my hair is not very going.

And then I reached out to switchit tester in shade 02 Taupe on the rest he was the most suitable candidate for adoption in my amicable beauty family 🙂

Well, welcome!
Packaging made of plastic, square (but nevertheless “puck”), closed on time and reliable, a pleasure to hold in the hand.
Swatch under artificial light
Swatch in natural light

Neutral color, applied evenly, the texture of the plastic, durability is rather average, because the product does not dry tightly. The smell is specific, but it’s not noticeable in wear.

Naked eyebrow:
Decorated eyebrow AFTER:

They applied the lipstick a beveled brush, and the whole process took about 3 minutes.
Color while lighter needed, but your eyebrows freshly painted and soon to be blonde to match the hair.

The product performed well in wear, and in General, I can recommend “out”, but not for our daily morning arose and the night returned home.
The price is 520 roubles.

The average vitality score is removed.
4 fairy of 5.

My name is Natasha and me on “you” 🙂

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