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Today on the agenda of a liquid matte lipstick with a metallic effect from Huda Beauty. Actually, I love matte lipsticks and am always looking for something new. The choice is huge, but the success of the purchases on time is not necessary: one lipstick is very dry lips, the other peeling stresses, uneven lies third, fourth requires dancing with a tambourine, but the fifth can please in all respects. Question — how to find the right, the fifth lipstick 💄 .

So, let us review a lipstick according to the usual scheme: how to apply and how is kept.

🔷 How to apply?

As soon as you open the packaging immediately feel the perfumes of coconut. I know many do not like fragrances in cosmetic products. Personally, I love the coconut flavor in cosmetic products, sometimes even buy a product just because of the coconut 😆 but here… here he’s just too chemical, sharp. And he felt not only in the process of applying, but about 15 minutes after. So think about this perfume I have mixed.

Recently, in my opinion, a standard, quite comfortable to use. Lipstick goes on lips a gentle, neat layer. This layer is so thin that it seems as if applied dry oil (interestingly, there is a lip?). Problems with colouring of contours there is a fairly undemanding hue, which, unlike the same red, does not require special attention.

Shade, even though the metal effect, it is suitable for daily use. How it looks on the lips:

🔷 As kept?

But with this there are some problems. Lipstick does not freeze immediately after application to the lips: on the one hand, it’s good, it’s easy to correct makeup, and with another — this process sliiiight delayed. After a couple of minutes it becomes very sticky, and if close-open lips, they strongly adhere to each other, forming a “bald spots” in color (photo below).

Honestly, it’s terribly annoying. Moreover, the photograph was taken after 10 minutes after application. Even after 20-30 minutes I felt the stickiness. For me this is a big minus, I don’t want to feel lipstick on their lips, and especially with visual effects.

Vitality she’s mediocre. Snack takes a stretch: quite so on the lips does not disappear, but will leave unpresentable uneven trail. I have this moment a little surprised, because usually this kind of liquid lipstick after 1-2 minutes after applying solidify on the lips and nowhere, do not go there to victory.

To sum up: lipstick is not like, for several reasons: very sharp perfume perfume, extremely the long process of hardening on the lips (up to 20-30 minutes). If not to wait, and to start actively talking, then the effect will be like in the last photo, and all the time to play in silence problematic 🤐

Price: 1 690 rubles without discounts

Rating: 2/5

Thank you!


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