L’oréal and Apple launched a wearable device that protects from ultraviolet radiation

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Giants in the field of beauty and technology, L’oréal and Apple announced the release of a new device under the brand La Roche-Posay “My UV Skin Track”. This wearable device without the battery, which measures ultraviolet radiation.

The device uses a precise sensor, which is activated by the sun to measure both the UVA and UVB rays. He works in tandem with an app that monitors the exposure of the user of pollution, pollen and humidity, allowing the owner to make a more informed choice of cosmetics for skin care, depending on their lifestyle.

“Our studies have long indicated the need for a better understanding of consumer exposure to ultraviolet radiation on him personally – said, Giv, Balooch, global Vice President and head of the technology incubator at L’oréal. – We have created this tubeless sensor, so it can be easily integrated into the daily life of those who use it. I hope that the launch of this technology will make it easier for people to make a sensible purchase to protect from the sun.”

“La Roche-Posay believes that perfect skin starts with healthy habits, he added Laetitia Tuup, global General Manager of La Roche-Posay. The research, which formed the basis for the development of this technology, has demonstrated that wearable technology can inspire true behavioral change, helping people to measure and understand the impact of various negative factors and take appropriate action.”

The device, created in collaboration with designer Yves Behar, can be fastened to clothes or accessories, thanks to its compact dimensions of 12 mm by 6 mm. It is capable of storing data for up to three months.

Run My UV Skin Track follows the debut of the innovative “My UV Patch” from L’oréal, which La Roche-Posay has introduced in 2016. Both inventions include scientific studies, together with Professor John Rogers of the northwestern University, USA.

The manufacturers claim that this device is unique in its kind. My Skin Track UV is only available to American consumers. It can be purchased on the website or some of the Apple stores for $ 59.95 US.

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