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Post about lipstick, which I never expected to see. Would never have bought it. A gift… the Nurse said: “This lipstick for you.”

Autumn. Time of inspiration and desperate need for comfort. A time of reflection and light grief. The time of longing for implicit and sadness of the unfulfilled. The time when nature, yesterday so close, it becomes a strange and somewhat aloof. Autumn is the time to bake the pumpkin and apples, drink cocoa and warm on his hands. Time to wear wine lipstick.

Lipstick — miniature WT. My full-size lipsticks, purchased even 5 years ago, I still haven’t finished, color is no longer relevant. So in my case, miniature is a good option and since then, they appeared — it became much easier to purchase several and finish at least one.

Mine came from Italy (but in Rome it’s still summer and we have snow it’s going), but no difference. The closed package with a closure (why?) and a sticker with the shade on it.

The shape and design identical full-size, reliable cover, a mechanism like a large. The stick is smaller, but it is easy to use. The bullet shape is comfortable and familiar.

Lipstick pretty Burgundy-wine shade. Usually I have more berries, with a dose of pink, here is closer to guilt.

Lipstick from the matte series, so I expect to see anything with Matt I get is not very smooth.

Really, not an ounce of shimmer, just a matte, slightly velvety at first glance, the cover. However, it is not as flat as I feared. Lipstick sounds volume and does not cause thoughts of cheap replica.

On the lips it seems a little different — it depends on lighting to a greater extent, but the thickness of the layer — the thicker, the darker and more brown-red is evident.

On the lips, as you can see, it gives more of a brick than of wine and berry. Is not perfectly accentuate flaking and roughness. The loop holds, but if initially apply exactly — any blemishes it will show in all its glory, especially irregular contour. Not falling in folds within the socks (in the end — maybe), does not flow and not smeared, allows you to carry yourself without a pencil (Yes, even on such lips as mine, where I, pencil — the first requirement). In General, if not underlined and shown in connection with this certain pattern baldness, would be very good. However, problems not visible from afar — yet at the distance of 30 cm I in addition to her husband, family and dogs no one is watching, and they don’t care. So despite the flaws, wear, albeit rarely.

To wear her with just one hand, and with another — not very. On the one hand it is not necessary to check and touch up for about three hours, worn it for a long time, especially if you do not drink or eat up to five hours easy. If you eat food, especially fat, ugly lipstick is coming off the center of the lips and, in this case its better to erase. On the other hand she is not caring and not moisturizing in the winter it will not wear as in late autumn, it is only a pigment, but dry lips can also dry. In addition, if do not wipe or touch up after five hours socks, she hammered the same in folds, and with the convex parts of the relief lip will do. Not a pleasant sight. Someone whose lips smooth, it will be fine for me, with my deep pleats will be very sad, this feature is worth remembering. Moreover, after a few hours the socks, it leaves behind the pigment. He removed something fatty (higienico), but not tissue fully. It is also worth keeping in mind.

Lipstick controversial, it’s not standard, is far from ideal. However, I like first and foremost because of the shade — it captures me all the more. That’s why I wear it, previously spent nearly half an hour just to apply. But she is so good lies in this period of time my partner said that I’m willing to forgive some things and close your eyes, dip in autumn.

I can’t recommend — lipstick difficult. But to see, to try in the store it definitely makes sense.

Cost: 10 euros.

Volume: 1.8 g.

Use: since mid-September.

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