Magical unicorns with Carmex Sugar Plum Limited Edition

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Good day!

Today I want to talk about the lip balm Carmex Sugar Plum.

About lips: my eternal problem. Peel and crack at any time of the year, and winter and autumn especially bring a lot of problems.

Brand Carmex came to the Russian market a few years ago, and I still could not try the wonder drug of the brand, which was legendary.

This alluring jar I bought quite by accident. Standing in the checkout line, my attention was attracted by the bright shiny packaging, and the pink jar of balm with a picture of a unicorn. Upon closer examination, I noticed that this is the most famous Carmex, and even “Limited Edition”. Sin was not to take.

The jar is securely packaged in a brilliantly-glittering package. It also specifiedthe composition of the product:

The balm is enclosed in a jar of thick plastic with a metal screw cap. This packaging format appeals to me much less than stick. Use it only if you have brush or clean hands. With a stick it’s much easier, but its limitu Carmex has released in the jars.

Inside, the balm is a creamy yellow colour, reminiscent of vaseline. For some reason, I was expecting it to be pink. Still, the unicorn.

Unlike Sugar Plum from other funds “canned” series brand not only in design but also in flavor. True, and it caused a lot of issues. Buying, I just saw the word “sugar”. And decided that balsam scent of cotton candy. But no. It has a scent “Sugar plum”. Apparently, Carmex is associating unicorns with plum. In fact, the smell did not seem similar to a plum. More of a caramel with notes of mint. Sweet, very nice. After application, the fragrance feels all the time the balm is on the lips.


Apply the balm with your fingers is a pleasure. It melts from the heat of the skin, spreads evenly on the lips, visually eliminates flaking, nourishes, moisturizes and smoothes the skin. Brush apply worse, poorly typed. Still, the unicorn need heat.

When applying felt a slight tingling sensation, due to the fact that in the product is menthol. It enhances the blood circulation and the lips seem more voluminous. After applying chill is felt all the time that I applied it to my lips. For this reason, I try not to use this balm on the street in cold weather, since the lips just freeze, not the most pleasant sensations.

On the lips it looks like a regular balm or chapstick.

Absorbed quickly enough, I’m renewing balm 4 times per hour. But again, I have dry lips. At the same time, consumption is quite economical.

The result:

I am happy with this lip balm. In its qualities it is not inferior, I would say, even surpasses some of the balms are more expensive, luxury brands.

— registration
— a pleasant fragrance
— SPF 15
— efficiency
— economical rashtrotthana the feeling of “chill”

I recommend to go to the nearest cosmetics store and purchase this limitu. It brings an aesthetic pleasure for its packaging and, most importantly, pleased with the effect.

Price: 359 rubles excluding discounts.

Volume: 7,5 g.

Period of use: month (daily)

Rating: 5 out of 5


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